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  • [When Marnie was There] led me to her (6)
  • [When Marnie was There] led me to her (5)
  • [When Marnie was There] led me to her (4)
  • [When Marnie was There] led me to her (3)
  • [When Marnie was There] led me to her (2)
  • "Fine On The Outside" is a beautiful, beautiful song. Just found a great singer thanks to Studio Ghibli :)
  • Angelic voice 😊
  • Her Japanese album "natural colors" brought me here
  • [When Marnie was There] led me to her
  • I don't think so <3
  • I love you much
  • fine on the outside brought me here xD
  • Omg, her voice is like sweet chamomile tea and honey on a summer afternoon ♥
  • Natural Colors just ok? Natural Colors and all Priscilla's albums are great!
  • My private Norah jones ! lol Add to share some female singers ;)
  • new album <3
  • JaaackJack from YouTube mentioned her in a vlog video and I thought it was pretty funny that I had just listened to one of her songs before. Haha.
  • Selena Gomez brought me to this talented artist!
  • sexy & talented...hard to find nowadays in our gaga world :):)
  • I tried but can't get into it. Sounds like Cobie Callait gone hipster. Sucks.
  • <3
  • sukiyaki <3
  • crap.
  • yyyaaa... Nice
  • Favorite female artiste :)
  • Natural Colors is just OK :|
  • so i bought some songs expecting to listen a banjo can somebody tell me songs with banjo i mean from her? i really like her and i really like banjo too :D
  • The embodiment of the word "lovely"! Beautiful woman, beautiful soothing voice, beautiful guitar...she's terrific!
  • so calm....
  • amazing would love to find more melodic acoustic songwriters like her
  • *Sigh* So melodic and folk....~
  • :O nice tunes
  • Her relaxing voice calm me down in the nights :3
  • I Don't Have Time To Be In Love ♥
  • podcast (inc. One Day I Will Do)
  • (currently) my favourite female vocalist
  • “听这张专辑就像夏天躺在吊床上轻轻摇晃的感觉。”
  • i don't have time to be in love...
  • New artist out of Nashville Madi Diaz sounds similar to Priscilla! I love her single and her cover of Wild Heart. Check her out, guys!
  • so beatiful
  • Dream ♥
  • with a lot of Love. Beautiful voice and music!
  • She's got such an angelic voice. <3
  • Will you be touring the States again? Please come to NYC?! :)
  • Ohhh, gorgeous beautiful sweet voice :-)
  • Love her voice! She's great singer.
  • Thank you so much for the amazing second album! Your music and voice are some of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard.


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