• [Belgian Ambient] Featured Artist: vidnaObmana

    Jan 18 2009, 17h10 por Doorchaser

    This weeks featured Artist: . . . ...Vidna Obmana... . . .


    I discovered Vidna Obmana by running the Belgian Electronics group on last.fm. I never knew there was a Belgian Ambient act with such an immense and widely respected catalogue. So I started listening. At first I was affraid it would turn out to be more of a gothic act (gothic is not really my thing, sorry). But what I heard was the introduction into Dark Ambient I needed for so long now. It was truly a new listening experience. It opened up my musical boundaries and made me go into realms I would never've discovered without Dirk Serries' music.

    Vidna Obmana means “optical Illusion” in Serbian Language, but his music on the other hand sounds very down to earth and organic. I sense a spark of tribal too. Mainly because the acoustic-ethnic instruments that are incorporated in his music.

    vidnaObmana has collaborated on several occasions with artists such as Asmus Tietchens