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  • Great gig in Moscow! Unexpected Marilyn Manson cover O_o
  • очень крутые парни )
  • Definitely underrated.
  • tenrapid, I thought mclusky too actually. Saw them last night and definitely felt a little mclusky, birthday party, and a little jello biafra influence too.
  • pop12.80 blogged at the Devil Has The Best Tuna
  • still just me on the Mclusky then? Hang 'em High especially.
  • Like
  • That dude and I have the same tattoo... the circle.
  • its like fusing the birthday party, pussy galore,tuxedomoon into one giant meatball stuffed into your mouth
  • there's definitely an element which (for me at any rate) recalls Mclusky.
  • :D
  • Very, very reminiscent of Jesus Lizard, Big Black, etc.. Would love to see these guys get produce by Albini. The production on The Horror seems to betray a lot of their abrasiveness.
  • i fail to see how this is 'cyberpunk' or 'synth punk'...
  • thought i'd like this more than i do
  • cyberstunk
  • lol at cyber-culture and shit, if it rocks who cares?
  • The synth, the robotic vocals on some tracks (Cyclotron I think) and the artwork are pretty cyberish, but yeah that's a bit light. Anyway, Crime Time is epic.
  • Not quite sure what's cyber about this, sounds nice though.
  • clippingroses nigga u don't kno wat u talkin bout
  • a big big love!
  • fucking sick [2]
  • fucking sick
  • cyberpunk?? CYBERPUNK!??!?!
  • lame.
  • every night i leave a key for you, to my hotel-room. bodies in the dunes.
  • Pop. 1280’s The Horror is a masterpiece of grimy, noise-addled punk. Like Jim Thompson’s novel that is the bands’ namesake, The Horror blisters with an arid desert heat, evil psychedelic reverb, and an unmistakable surrealistic bleakness felt throughout the LP. Listen to "Beg Like A Human:"
  • fuck yeah
  • v x 2 *under. at least for me. I took the bait the hype offered and I gotta say it tasted good.
  • v *under
  • overrated.
  • The Horror is unpleasantly beautiful.
  • horhorhorrorhororororor
  • anybody got The Horror ?
  • yes
  • Cyclotron
  • Super derivative Birthday Party/Bauhaus tunes, but it's refreshing to hear this stuff pillaged so devotedly without a post-modern twist.
  • holy balls these guys rock
  • sacred boners
  • awwwwwwwwwww yeeea
  • a few weeks ago they only had 842 Listeners, that album must be G O O D.
  • fresher than a motherfucker
  • buy it -- sacred bones is constantly churning out great tunes.
  • what link did you find? the russian shit.
  • Crime time is ridiculous
  • finally found a download link... this shit is excellent
  • The Horror does not disappoint, these are gonna get hyped in 2012.


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