• my little findings. 15.05.2008.

    Mai 15 2008, 17h39 por xShedx

    Good evening, my dear journal! :)

    Today i want to tell you about:

    1) Johnny Truant - "No Tears For The Creatures" (2008).

    Oh, yeah :) I didn't expect. And it was reeeeally nice surprise to find it :) and also it's big finding for me. Most genre is metalcore, but what metalcore! Not usual. With progressive and math elements sometimes. Anyway, doesn't matter. The only one thing is useful to know - it sounds so kickass...fuck yeah!!! You gotta hear it.
    Mark - 5/5.

    2) The Word Alive - "Demos" (2008).

    Don't know what happens now with Blessthefall, but i know one thing - their vocalist left the band and started this project. And you know, i think sometimes it soudns better than Blessthefall!!! His voice became more powerful, clean voice is perfect and not "like-girl" in Blessthefall, screams became more hardcore-style, some kinda deep throat growls. Sounds great! Doesn't matter that there're only 2 songs in Demo, how great these 2 songs are!!! Hear it!!!