• The Transparancy of Philip Glass

    Mai 11 2007, 2h52 por sgx2

    I first heard "Metamorphosis I" on an episode of the new Battlestar Galactica. It was represented as a composition by the late father one of the characters, and after the epiosde I rushed to my computer to see if the soundtrack to that season was available. It was not, but a quick check of the music featured in the episode revealed that, hey, this was something by Philip Glass and available immediately.

    I grabbed the album from my local music shop, and enjoyed the Metamorphosis variations immensely. "Mad Rush" did little for me, but I did enjoy "Wichita Sutra Vortex". I began to dig further.

    I found his sountrack and scoring work most easily available, and, frankly, most easily accessible. I watched "The Truman Show" in theatres, and not being familiar with Glass did not recognize the work -- now, I would spot it quickly.

    In fact, I now find myself pointing out to others where a Glass piece appears in film and television, much to their dismay. …
  • 26 April 2007

    Abr 28 2007, 7h21 por DJbeezer