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Philip David Ochs ( El Paso, Texas, 19 de dezembro, 1940 – 9 de abril 1976) era um cantor e compositor norte-americano. Escreveu centenas de canções nas década de 1960 e lançou oito álbuns em sua vida.

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  • Avatar de greylenses
    To my mind, Phil's greatness is in his outstanding sense of time, sense of the moment, that's what makes me constantly return to his songs, that's what's making his songs truly eternal.
  • Avatar de Chumsicles
    Seriously though, I just cannot get over how great Phil Ochs is. Whether touching on political or personal matters, the man put my thoughts and feelings into music form decades before I was born.
  • Avatar de Sebitude
    You've got to love Phil's wittiness.
  • Avatar de MilitaryTwoStep
    woah spooky
  • Avatar de Chumsicles
    I first scrobbled Phil Ochs exactly one year ago today. I don't think I knew that was the day he died at the time :S
  • Avatar de eskaryak
    you are remembered. 39 years. rip
  • Avatar de greylenses
    Happy birthday, Phil. Your words are the power and your legacy is the glory.
  • Avatar de Chumsicles
    Happy birthday Phil. In these times of renewed upheaval, your silence is deafening
  • Avatar de recursivechaos
    wow, this guy's life story is seriously depressing
  • Avatar de imlivingin60s
    a honest, talented man with amazing creativity and wittiness. he will be missed forever.

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