• For 'a tha' - Scotfolk I and II

    Jan 22 2008, 14h29 por randomusr

    This summer I made a mixed CD for myself, mostly for when I was cooking. I need my music! I brought it with me to Germany for my summer trip, and had lots of positive feedback on it, having to copy it several times over. The second one came about as a Christmas gift, and a copy is in my kitchen CD player right now. There is a wee café in Germany where these can be heard, so all ye Germans - stay alert ;)

    SCOTFOLK I For a' tha'

    This CD mainly features a couple of bands: 5 Hand Reel and Silly Wizard. The singers of these two bands, Dick Gaughan and Andy M Stewart are both featured with solo songs as well, as they went on to have successful solo careers after the demise of the bands.

    Band - Song - Album

    1. 5 Hand Reel - Satan will appear (Bunch of Fives)
    2. Silly Wizard - My love's in Germany (Silly Wizard, re-released on Early Years)
    3. 5 Hand Reel - Lay ye doon (Bunch of Fives)
    4. Silly Wizard - Donald McGillavry / O'Neill's Cavalry March live (Live Wizardry)