• Deserted Island Songs (With Unamusing Commentary)

    Nov 26 2007, 10h36 por CrumpledStar

    By popular demand (okay, one person), I have created my so-called Deserted Island playlist. I tried to keep it under an hour (and failed by six minutes) and 15 songs or less (failed by one). This took me all of twenty minutes, so hopefully it is not too terrible. In any case, were I trapped on a desert island with some kind of functioning music-playing device, these are the songs I wouldn't mind being stuck with. Although, really, were I actually on a deserted island, I'd have much bigger concerns than which Wilco song I like best. Have you noticed how pale I am? I'd have sunstroke within the hour. Sorry this is so long, by the way. You aren't expected to wade through any of it. Anyway, away we go.

    1. Roscoe by Midlake
    First up, we have my dear "Roscoe", the most played song on my iTunes and the subject of numerous inside jokes in my social circle. Tim Smith is the only man I know that can give the world's most sinister Death Glare while playing an enchanting flute solo (though not during this song, of course). …
  • Songs for Fall

    Out 13 2007, 20h24 por star_struck_one