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    Nov 24 2008, 0h37 por DanielSimon

  • Inside Sydney: The Longest Gig Ever

    Out 15 2006, 7h43 por rightroundmusic

    [ excerpt from Annette Loudon's blog - Inside Sydney at rightround.com ]

    Over the years I've collected a pile of regrets that torment my every waking hour. For example, failing to get up in time for Spencer Tunick's photo shoot of thousands of naked people at Burning Man. Or not going to Timbuktu when I lived in Senegal for a year and a half.

    Why can't I get my priorities straight and seize the opportunities that life presents me? It's with great sadness that I share the most recent addition to my big list of regrets.

    I first stumbled across Brian Campeau at the Excelsior Hotel in Surry Hills, where he was filling in for Peregrine. Brian had agreed to do the show at the last minute, and Sue Telfer (the booker) looked a little uncomfortable as she waited for an unknown quantity to smooth over the gap left by the much-loved Peregrine. Luckily for Sue, Brian turned out to be dazzling. He blew us away with his wild and wonderful stylings — his music was intricate, erratic, intense, and playful. …