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  • This album is great. Superb work from Paul, yet again.
  • Sublime. McCartney's only indisputably great solo album.
  • Pretty great!
  • Surprisingly good!
  • my parents bought me this album, it's killer
  • best Mccartney's album after band on the run)
  • Have this album. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
  • Mi Piace Molto Paul mccartney
  • I have the album but it's released in 2007 at first.:-)
  • Really beautiful.
  • Too many good songs *_* Love it!
  • Wonderful.
  • i love this album <33
  • Only Mama Knows!
  • hello
  • paul 4ever.
  • This album is great :D
  • I love this album!
  • Not too bad from Paul. He promoted "Dance Tonight" quite a bit, but there are other songs that are more insightful. Looks like he's enbracing the fact he is getting older. We all should. But he can still rock. Check out "Only Mama Knows"
  • This album is incredible
  • If Godrich had produce this album he wouldve told Macca half the songs weren't good enough.
  • My first McCa solo album...and I must say I listen to it a lot! Great album! (what could we expect from him anyway?)
  • esse disco é muito bom....
  • This album is a steaming pile of garbage.
  • damn... i admit this dissapointed me... after wearing out my copy of "chaos", this really really sucked... maybe 2 or 3 average songs and 1 or 2 great ones on it... i have yet to adjust to it... hopefully when (if) i do, ill enjoy it just as much as "chaos"
  • really good album throughout. poppy with some artier tracks. what's not to love??!!
  • Good Album .
  • Really very good. After 40 years making music, it still sounds like a young mind musician!
  • fucking a
  • sucks
  • Extraordinary.. beatle feeling.. ever present past is a great song
  • Great album, and the bonus tracks are amazing. Erm, where did the album cover go? O_o
  • some of the bonus tracks are much better than the songs on the album
  • A fine moment by Mr. McCartney!
  • apparently as boring a white bread.
  • What a sorry exhibition this was...
  • awesome album!
  • This was my first McCa solo album bought, I now have McCartney, Flaming Pie, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard and the DVD Live in red Square. This album accompanied me through summer of 2007, right after my's a great easy listen + it has some great stand-alone songs (the first 6 on this album are amazing songs)
  • Worst Album I've ever heard in my life.

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