• Music I Fell In Love With In 2007

    Fev 21 2008, 4h00 por OnionPalac

    It's a shame how with so much music being so easily accessible through the internet these days that more and more people are not devoting enough time to great albums. I often hear about people simply listening to one album, if that, and then moving on to the next bundle of files they downloaded without much of a chance of the previous albums being returned to multiple times to become part of that person's life. Where I come from we would call these people posers.
    I encourage everyone to actually listen to the albums that speak to them. Return to them many times and live them.
    Below I made a few lists of music that meant a lot to me in 2007.
    These are lists for music that:

    *was released in 2007 that I fell in love with
    *I discovered and fell in love with in 2007, but was released in another year
    *I rediscovered and fell in love with again in 2007. I tried to keep this down to music I have not listened to for ten years or more.
  • The Alphabet Theme

    Jan 13 2006, 18h42 por mhwrpc

    A-Animal Collective, AMM, Aix Em Klemm, Autechre, Anthony Braxton, Alan Licht
    B-Black Dice,Boards of Canada, Beach Boys, Broken Social Scene
    C-Can, Colleen, Candy Machine, Cone of Light, Charlemagne Palestine
    D-Dungen, David Sylvian, Derek Bailey
    E-Eisturzende Neubaten, Evan Parker
    F-Fennesz, Farmers Almanac
    H-Henry Flynt, Harry Smith
    J-John Fahey, John Cage, Jack Rose, Jim O'Rourke, John Coltrane, John Lennon
    K-Keith Fullerton Whitman, Keith Levene, Keith Rowe
    L-Luc Ferrari, Lungfish, Lee Scratch Perry
    M-My Bloody Valentine
    N-Neu!, Nico
    O-Oren Ambarchi, Oval
    P-Pita, Pauline Oliveros, P.I.L., Polvo, Popol Vuh, Palentine, Phil Niblock, Pandit Pran Nath
    Q-Quixotic, Quiet Storm
    R-Rafael Toral, Rodan, Roy Montgomery
    S-Sonic Youth, Stars of The Lid, Steve Reich
    T-The Fall, The Dead Texan, The Pupils, The Ex, Tony Conrad, The Hafler Trio
    V-Velvet Underground, Vashti Bunyan
    W-William Basinski, William Burroughs
    X-Xenakis, Iannis
    Y-Young, Lamonte; Yoko Ono