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  • Amazing
  • He is just unique and great.
  • this guy looks like such a douche
  • awesome
  • Par awesomeness
  • There is something so totally endearing about his voice, I can't understand it but I really like this.
  • I cannot wait to see Paleo again tonight, amazing.
  • Holy Shit. Ben Gibbard aint got shit on this guy
  • r_m
    Thank you Daytrotter for guiding me to this genius.
  • Saw him last night: amazing.
  • sometimes his voice sounds like Alec Ounsworth's, which is cool...
  • A New Day is a nearly flawless album! I'm pretty sure its my favorite album of his so far! + it has 21 tracks! its so wonderful!
  • I really love "1992" and "Occams Razor", I listen to those a lot. I need to find some more of his stuff.
  • I bought A New Day! its pretty awesome! check it out:
  • does anyone have the A New Day cassette tape???
  • this man has talent
  • Illinois?
  • <3
  • the biggest darling
  • i put up some new photos check them and such....
  • poetry
  • I love this! Getting to play a show with him was soooo great
  • he is so awesome!
  • Love
  • I am playing with him this month!!!
  • check out the film "Billy was a Deaf Kid" !!! the entire soundtrack is done by this (awesome) guy. Plus its a really good film.
  • That would be me
  • buddy
  • dude played a show at my house and he was amazing. someone needs to make a torrent of misery missouri can't find it anywhere.
  • Randomly saw Paleo in Salt Lake City.. Pretty cool experience. One of the most memorable shows I've been to.
  • murrry mee.
  • his Misery Missoury should get a major reissue..that's how great it is.
  • foooorrr real, Im so glad he IS.
  • what a beautiful, impressive project. fantastic, i respect this so much.
  • is there an album called death and taxes?
  • Wow.
  • Just saw him at the Radish Patch in Chicago. He was amazing. His voice is one of a kind.
  • before I saw him play I thought he would be a lot like Devendra Banhart-- but he is like more dynamic in almost every way. I'm a big fan.
  • i agree with the devendra banhart reference, except paleo could write devendra under the table. good stuff.
  • I love everything about this
  • i hear he's making a new album
  • couldnt' be more glad that this happened
  • If I could just write one song as good as any of the songs on the Song Diary, I would be pleased with my life.
  • just imagine attempting to create a masterpiece every day...
  • this guy is amazing
  • <3

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