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  • this is really great !omg!
  • Way better than the original. When I hear it I wanna jump into a plane and sky dive without a parachute
  • Field of Dreams, by James Horner, anyone? :-)
  • Miles better than anything else the guy has ever done. He should concentrate more on this kind of electronica and less on vocal tracks.
  • love
  • =)
  • The beginning is very nice. I'd like to hear a full instrumental version of the song.
  • this is great but there isn't that many words in it
  • I wish he would extent the piano in the beginning
  • remixes are cool but this one is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • most epic
  • stear off into space and dream.........or have this wounderful imagination that blows our mined away........that how i fell about this song...its beautiful!!!:)
  • I don't like any of this guy's stuff, but this version is great.
  • i love this track it is my new fave. but i love all of owl city's stuff!
  • Better than the original version itself. [6]
  • Makes me want to dream..... :)
  • '-'
  • Better than the original version itself. [5]
  • Better than the original version itself. [4]
  • Nice to hear a legit remix :)
  • just ... awesome :)
  • hypnotizing, I love it
  • Amazing! I just love this one! :D
  • Better than the original version itself. Love it! <3 [3]
  • best version ever ^_^
  • <3 It's such a dream song.
  • Hoot!.. trying to subscribe but tit's soo hard LOL
  • Better than the original version itself. Love it! <3
  • wow this is so much better than anything on Ocean Eyes
  • the piano is so pretty!
  • <3
  • love this song..
  • love the ocean eyes cd..
  • This version's dope
  • i LOVE the intro
  • Loved the start <3
  • sounds like somthing straight out of the old sonic games!
  • i definitely love this better :]
  • dont like the original, love this.
  • hmmmm :)
  • This is pure positive ;)
  • <3.
  • Agreed, this is many times better than the original. Love it.
  • Esta bien sobres esta canción +.+
  • Can't stop listening this
  • LOVE. But can't get it anywhere!!
  • tagge cute xD
  • He should just make stuff like this and stop ripping Postal Service.


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