• 12 Best albums of 2005

    Dez 26 2005, 4h57 por WalrusOct9

    1. Kathleen Edwards - Back To Me. Kind of a female Tom Petty, if you will. There's nothing really new or innovative here, just some amazing songwriting and a great voice, and seemed to be the 2005 album I kept coming back to more than any others.

    2. The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang. Sure, no one cared, they just want to hear them play "Brown Sugar" for the 5,000th time, but this really was a killer album. They did what worked on Voodoo Lounge and got rid of the guests, slick production, and cheesy horns, and just cut a straight ahead raw rock album. Great shit.

    3. Over the Rhine - Drunkard's Prayer. Probably not the best album they've ever made, but "Spark" and "Firefly" are easily in my top 10 songs of the year, and it's a very enjoyable record from start to finish, even if it's a little too laid back at times.

    4. Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth. While I loved The Fragile, Trent really did need to come out with a more focused album this time, and he did…