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    Mar 12 2012, 8h23 por OoSabYoO

  • Sleipner

    Dez 24 2006, 13h22 por Eadha

    Come riding across, this dark steed of light,
    Eight legs of wind-speed like a winged raven maimed,
    Sleepless and weepless, he refuses boons to trolls
    Who roam the chained land in search of taunt and trickery,
    Pressing prying eyes upon the human homes and hearths
    In hopes to steal or wrack weal to dwellers warm within.
    His curses call cold to chase its tail in confused craze
    While forcing trollocks back to stench-filled holes and meres.

    Come riding across! Fell Hel and her company
    Join the Darkling Horse as he storms, willful and wild,
    Leader of the Host, the dead who will not sleep,
    Full of frithing joy, keen to join feasting kin below.
    Terrible their roar, a battle rage of glad tremor,
    Thor would be well proud at their hammering murmurs
    Which drive the blind snow and sleet-spears to the ground,
    Pounding dread darkness down unto Asgard’s deep halls.

    Come riding across horizons laid bare and barren of hope,
    Awakening thought to their hazed harassed hearts,