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  • bits and pieces
  • Fantastic :D
  • mistake this song as Franz Ferdinand's
  • My FAVE FILM !!!! ♥
  • hey! that's from my childhood!
  • in a word: AWESOME.
  • Fantastic. One of the best pop/rock tracks of the 80s.
  • Takes me back 8{)
  • Danny and Oingo Boingo rule. I will always dance to Boingo! Gets my heart rate up!
  • Agreed that they are both overplayed but still can't help but like them. Robert downey jr also played a college douche while they played dead mans party in back to school. The moral is if you want your song to get played out put it in a 80's movie with robert downey jr, try it you'll see.
  • I like this song, but it's been way over played. It's too bad that this, and Dead Man's Party are the only songs people know. Tehri first 2 albums: Only a Lad, and Good For Your Soul, are fuckin' masterpieces.
  • A young Robert Downey Jr plays the high school douche in this movie. The more you know.
  • Oingo Boingo... even the name's a bit "weird" !!!!
  • Dead Man's Party é bom do início ao fim. Tenho o vinil.Uma pena foi que no show aqui no Brasil rolou um playback.
  • I wanna put under wear on my head now
  • cool movie and i also really like the tv show :)
  • agrees w/ Gothic_cowgirl- Only a lad and for me -Stay (as well)- faves
  • Oingo Boingo is badass. My personal faves: Only a Lad, When the Lights Go Out, Just Another Day. For starters.
  • Listening to Boingo makes you realize in a hurry why Danny Elfman is scoring most of Tim Burton's films. They're both this blend of cheery, creepy, and absolute cool.
  • This is a great song, but it's too bad it's the only Boingo track a lot of people are familiar with. Almost all their/his stuff is at least as awesome as this.
  • From my heart and from my hand, why don't people understand my intentions???
  • One of my favorite movies!
  • Movie not so hot, great song tho.
  • Danny Elfman is such a BADASS
  • Hell yeah.
  • I agree. It may be their big hit, but it has some serious staying power.
  • never get tired of this
  • these guys are awesome. they are very creative. i wonder if they have anything else in thier bag that sounds this good. The movie was awesome too. The Barbie coming into the real world of a man.
  • Must watch this movie again right now.
  • oingo boingo!! boiiiinnnnnnggg!!! he he hehehehe he!
  • Apostrophe's rule's.
  • Gotta love Oingo Boingo, !!!
  • By the way, why are we wearing bras on our heads?
  • LOL @ cganim8r...great movie! :D
  • "Mom, I never tossed off in the bathroom!" "You told me you were combing your hair." Awesome film.
  • always a classic
  • From one of the best 80s films ever!!!
  • Magic and technology, voodoo dolls and chants, weird science
  • oh god this song is my shit!
  • "Sounds like sitbunnynow is one of those people who dislike's things just because there popular. This song is great! Oingo Boingo is great! " Looks like akamadcow is one of those people who doesn't know how to use a bloody apostrophe!!
  • OMFG I love this song and the movie is awesome!!!
  • great riff
  • amazzzzzing
  • oingo boingo lol
  • I guess I should post this as well ("Drop and give me 20"):
  • Here's the YouTube trailer of the movie (with the same name...):
  • Classic!
  • "Sounds like sitbunnynow is one of those people who dislike's things just because there popular. This song is great! Oingo Boingo is great!" Although I do not agree with him, he does state a valid reason for not liking this song. Your comment is presumptuous and stupid. Try harder.
  • Whoops, that phonetic spelling does me in every time. It would appear that the misspelling that is immensely ubiquitous and that I find so unspeakably irksome has parasitically attached itself to my grey matter.


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