• NIN Live: 11.9.08

    Nov 10 2008, 6h11 por mrwhite5

    Sun 9 Nov – Nine Inch Nails, Deerhunter

    I arrived at DCU Center around 6:30 PM, and we got in around 6:45. After settling down for about an hour, Deerhunter took the stage.

    Seeing as how I had never heard these guys before, I knew nothing about their work, but was very open minded about them. However, their show was nothing more but a blur, with no cohesive stopping, just playing their instruments. After 45-50 minutes, Deerhunter concluded their show.

    And then, the wait began.

    The floor began to fill up, and from my view (Section 211 J), it was a sea of humanity. Thinking to myself, "When March of the Pigs hits, that floor is gonna move!", I sit and take in the atmosphere of the arena.

    Around 9:00, "999,999" starts. The wait finally ends with the energetic drums of "1,000,000".

    The crowd, myself included, goes wild.

    Trent Reznor and crew rip thru a set of songs from The Slip, getting the crowd excited and building up the energy for an old classic.
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