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Nikos Vertis was born in Holland and since his early age he has been keen on music. He has been playing the bouzouki since he was seven years old. At age 15 he had his first "touch" with singing.

He started singing in small night halls in Thessaloniki and other regions of Macedonia. In 2002 he had a great success with his performances, during both summer and winter season, at "Rodon" music hall where he stayed until summer 2003.

His first album entitled "Poli apotoma vradiazei" came out in February 2003. Songs such as "Asteri mou" , "Poli apotoma vradiazei" , "An fygeis" and "San trelos se agapao" had become huge musical hits and in a while Nikos became very popular.

In winter 2003-2004 he went to Athens where he worked with Peggy Zina at "Apollon" music hall. Their show was a great success.
They also worked together for 2 duets entitled "Eimaste xwria" and "Hanomaste" that immediately became great hits on the radio.

At the 3rd year of "Arion music awards" Nikos recieved the award for the "Best new singer" for 2003.

In May 2004 he started a series of very successful performances in music hall "Rodon" in Thessaloniki that were extended until August!

In September 2004 his second personal album entitled "Pame psychi mou" by Giorgos Theofanous was released and it was immediately loved by the people! Some of the hits are "Pos tolmas", "Thumamai" , "Se mena" e.t.c.

At the same time he started performing at "POSIDONIO" music hall, with a great success. People show their love for him by filling the "Posidonio" every night until October 2008, when he ended his coorporation.

During the period of March-April 2008 he was singing at the music hall "ORAMA" in Thessaloniki. That was once more a great success.

At the 4th year of the music awards "Arion" he was one of the nominees for the "best popular singer" award.

In summer 2005 his platinum cd single entitled "Pes to mou xana" was released and the song became the song of the year!

In December 2005 his platinum album entitled "Pos perno ta vradia monos" with Kyriakos Papadopoulos' music and Ilias Philippou's lyrics was released. Some of the musical hits of that album are "Pes to mou xana", "Poia esy", "Kapote the deis", "Den se noiazei" e.c.t

In 2006 Nikos Vertis was established as one of the best singers in Greece and he also made an incredible record: 10 months continuously performing at the music hall he was, with a great success!

In March 2007 he isolated with his partners in a chalet in Vasilitsa Grevenon where his new album was recorded. That was something that happened for the first time in Greece. In April his album "Mono gia sena" was released. The title song and the song "Matia mou gluka" became the hits of the summer. Two months later the CD became platinum and in October 2007 he released the 3d video clip of that album,"Den m' agapas".

In 2008 the CD became double platinum.

Nikos Vertis was undoubtedly the singer of the year!

In June 2008 he won the award for the best video clip, for "Mono gia sena" , in the "Mad" video music awards. At that event he presented his new song "Oneiro alithno".

After his successful performances at the night hall "Posidonio" he took off for his world tour in Australia, America, Canada and Europe. His final concert was in London in 17-01-2009.

In March 2009 he recieved the award "Chrysi poria" for his offer to Greek music so far.

At the end of that same month, his new album entitled "Ola ine edo" was released. Christos Nikolopoulos, Vasilis Giannopoulos, Antonis Vardis, Vicky Gerotheodorou, Dimitris Dekos, Poseidonas Giannopoulos, Nikos Gritsis, Panagiotis Pavlis, Adamos and Nikos Vertis sign for the 12 songs included in the new cd.

Some of the songs of the new album such as "Na m' agapas", "Den teliosame" and "Varethika" have become great radio hits so far and all the songs of the CD are becoming more and more loved by the people each passing day.

On April 23rd 2009 he began his performances, wich are being continued with a great success, at "Kentro Athinon" music hall, in downtown Athens for the first time during summer season. People once more show him their love and support by filling the hall every night. The renovation made to the music hall played a great part, creating the ideal atmosfaire and conditions for entertainment and fun!

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