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Country of origin:United Kingdom

Location:Herefordshire, Midlands

Ambient/Folk, Atmospheric Black/Doom

It is easy to create depth through mystery, through silence. To stay silent allows a mind to imagine it’s own truth. But it is a shallow depth created. One that requires no real effort or thought on the part of the creator as nothing has truly been created by them. To shine a light on what you have created and reveal it’s contents requires a far greater depth. These depths i speak of swallow the light, plunging a creation’s conception and purest meaning into the shadows once more.

I owe everything I have created to the universe. I owe it to the stars & planets, to the moon & the earth, to the wind & the rain. To the forest & its creatures, everything I have is borrowed from them. My music is but a poor interpretation of their song & my imagination is but a diluted replica of mother natures.

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