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  • If there is a perfect song[url=].[/url]this one should be the one[url=].[/url]
  • This was by far their best album!
  • then you came pulling my DOOOWWWWWNNNNNNNNN
  • ¬ loves it ¬ N Jychelle N
  • hahahah my brother and i singing to 2 this song xD GOOD TIMES
  • I remember this makes me think of my youth at summer camp...weird times
  • "Pikachu were erecting out your part." Oh no...
  • Catalyst, you insist to pull me down You contradict the fact that you still want me around And it’s all downhill from here
  • heck yeah warped tour 2012!
  • madball's got their backs. loove it. <3
  • AHHH junior high school jam
  • Years since I heard this lalalalalalalal
  • Nothing important to say. Just couldn't let that last comment ruin the awesomeness of this song. ;)
  • Hearing Pikachu erecting out your butt ruined this song for me.
  • Fuck song! NFG
  • HIGH SCHOOL! [2]
  • this song is so old, yet so relevant to my current life.
  • Wow, old old song.
  • [:
  • memoriess
  • Eh, new found glory is Alright.
  • Classic.
  • This is the first year I won't see them live in 4 years. I'm so annoyed.
  • LOVELOVELOVEEE!! favorite song in the world :)))) NFG PWNS MAYNN!!!!! <3 apple morgasmic facebook me up nukkas
  • madball's got their back [2]
  • Best band live. [2]
  • You're hiding something, cause it's burning through your eyes. I try to get it out, but all I hear from you are lies.. <3
  • best band live
  • loved them live.
  • ugh. i ate this orange and it tastes like onion. =(
  • the song that made me a NFG fan.
  • gives me goosebumps a little
  • Pikachu erecting out your butt !
  • I like this song but...... still think their cover of Kiss Me is their best. =)
  • NFG's best song!
  • madball's got their back
  • awesome song :)
  • the verses are better than the chorus, great!
  • Is a "BEST" Track........
  • Love this band
  • i love this song. i remember seeing the video clip for the first time back in 04.
  • This song reminds me of 2004.
  • This song still gets better everytime I hear it.
  • great newish song.
  • eeeah! I think Catalyst rules no less than old albums...
  • muy bueno el tema
  • I like this one... but their old stuff is better


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