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  • I loved her version of I'm still standing... her only good performance.
  • the first time she sings decently and she gets eliminated? are you kidding me, right? i mean, she didn't sang well, she never did it, but she was quite of entertaining
  • Yes, we shall agree to disagree. ^_^ When I judge a song on AI, I only go by the contestants' performance. They HAVE to sing these songs, they don't have a choice to sing their own. So I just don't even take the originals into consideration. But that's just me. :)
  • i guess we can agree to disagree on this one, i think the original is so great that it didn't need anything added to it but naima does put a twist on everything
  • That is both of your opinions, that's all. The only reason you think this is because you like the original so much. There is no disrespect whatsoever done to the song. Disrespect is something done on purpose with malice behind it. She did what she thought was right and what she thought would make it her own. It's not like she said "Oh this is horrible, I need to make it reggae to make it any good."
  • it came off as disrespectful because she turned it 180 or 360 (which is alright to me) but she did not do justice to the song. and tbh, the part "i'm still standing" sounds weird.
  • i just think its wrong to put on a fake jamaican accent and turn the song into something its not. she didn't do her voice any favors with that accent to be honest
  • I'm still not understanding what's disrespectful about you think reggae is something bad? To be ashamed of? It doesn't make sense.
  • i personally love still standing so i guess i dont think anyone else can do it, i just thought it was disrespectful to turn his song into a reggae song
  • @Battle3: Are you blind to only your own favorite? She did not disrespect the song, she made it her own, which they are told to do, and which James also did! And as for on stage antics, James does that the most by a mile.

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