• Artists/Bands I've seen live - first try

    Set 10 2006, 15h17 por Goonz

    Since everybody else is doing that, why shouldn't I ?

    Will try to keep it chronological.

    Budka Suflera - 98/99...97 ?
    About 98/99, or even 97, i don't really remember, my parents took me. It was a big show in Warsaw Congress Hall, audience age ranging from about 10 to 60 :D I was a bit sceptical at first, but more towards the end more I enjoyed the show.Thumbs up !

    Kraftwerk - 2004
    I saw the Man Machines live during their Tour de France Soundtracks tour. Same venue as the previus show, but these two can't be compared. Everything was perfect - my seat (yes, sadly it was a sitting show - there wasn't much place to rock, but I can live with that - come on, it's Kraftwerk !), the setlist, the stage, the background animations, and the men themselves, wearing black suits, red shirts and black ties. They started with the impressive reendition of The Man Machine (the one that you can find on their album "Minimum Maximum documenting that tour was actually recorded in Warsaw, at the very same show that I attended !)…