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  • Spooky Tricks is just adorable. Best of the best of 2014.
  • it's great
  • spooky tricks is good. didn't expect to like it as much as I do. cheers..
  • i'm the electric messiah
  • I love how this band can sound *really* cheap porno one minute and the next minute sound like a group of demonic ghosts worshipping their dark lord in a cave somewhere and the next minute like CANDY MOUNTAIN, CHARLIE. Sex, drugs and Satan, indeed! <3
  • Spooky tricks are great!
  • SPOOKY TRICKS is fucking A!!!
  • One of the best bands ever. Love the new album!
  • Spooky Tricks is fun on a bun! I haven't been this impressed since The Reincarnation of Luna, which was great IMHO.
  • Great songДом
  • Spooky tricks are super funky industrial disco :)
  • One of the worst bands ever! Their "music" is simple hilarious...
  • Really digging the new album.
  • Hurrrrrrahhhh!
  • Where have these guys been all my life? So amazing.
  • Можно долго рассуждать о том, что же они на самом деле представляют из себя, но проще будет сказать, что это полная хрень.
  • I love them too. they are like the funnier dirtier version of LOA and Bongwater. SHUT UP SLUT!
  • "Never heared anything like them before." I'd say Ministry's Land of Rape and Honey is their most obvious inspiration, you should give it a try.
  • Very original, great band. Never heared anything like them before.
  • The Devil Does Drugs <3
  • Уникальный звук должен прозвучать в РФ!!!
  • delicious and sexy
  • SHEEP ON DRUGS, the 90s sleaze rock, hard techno and punk duo will play at New Cross Inn, Saturday 13th October! Supporting them are SPUCKTUTE + Special Guests to be announced. Tickets are £5 in advance: Facebook event:
  • Come to Albany for once you rotten motherfuckers!
  • This anniversary tour is going to be magnificent.
  • I agree with Candyscar. They should tour in Europe too.
  • hu-HU *_*
  • Will they ever play in Europe again??
  • ^^
  • @ZelosWilder88 Yes, but only the better ones.
  • my favorite!
  • Glamour Is a Rocky Road! <4 (best deployment of a disco-whistle EVER!)
  • disko flesh pot uh uh uh!
  • Cool, i like after the flesh
  • уникальный звук!
  • Glamour Is a Rocky Road! <3
  • its all about punk
  • And this is what the devil listens to.
  • Is this what a stripclub sounds like?
  • Love this band!
  • Sleazy more than sexy.
  • It's very "sexy music!" . I like it
  • Hard, fast and beautiful!
  • I fucking love that B-Movie charm.
  • Hell yes they do.
  • they've still got it!
  • sexy music!


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