• Summer Music Crap

    Jul 31 2006, 2h42 por paulsahner

    I really haven't come across a whole lot of music in the last few months.

    In reality, I've added about 260 songs to my library since I left school- But not many of them have become breakout albums or anything.

    There are a few exceptions, of course.

    Most recent is Kevin Hearn's latest outing with his band Thin Buckle, The Miracle Mile. KH&TB (As I will confusingly abbreviate them) have a really unique sound as they stray back and forth between genres on their albums. This latest one is MUCH smoother, in my option, than previous outings. While older tracks like War Pigs were covered in a really interesting way, I don't think it's quite true to what the band is. Hearn, himself has a "weak" voice (and I don't mean that as I detrimental statement), and I think this new album plays to that nicely. The songs are mellow, heart-felt and sweet. They remind me of a little bit of Neil Young or Jackson Brown...Just classic song-writing. …