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  • Early albums are great. later metal stuff not so much
  • New Twitch live album is dope.
  • best band ever
  • worst band ever
  • Blood keeps drinking away
  • Alejandro Ramírez Jourgensen ! XD
  • I wish my sincere congratulations from the bottom of my heart the guy over fucking awesome that world. Al Jourgensen 09/10, man, if you knew how much I admire you and how much I am your fan of the band... I think that you know! hahaha' Anyway, I wish a lot of luck, peace, success always and that's it! Enjoy your day, Uncle Al! #MINISTRY4EVER <3 <3 <3 #AlJourgensen
  • I long for a return to their With Sympathy days. For dem lolz
  • [url removed]
  • Yeah, it might be time for Uncle Al to hang 'em up. He should focus on being a record producer at this stage of his career, I think.
  • Ever since the Bush trilogy this band has been so devoid of original ideas idk how seriously Al takes Ministry anymore
  • idk I think Ministry was really done for with Barker leaving the band
  • "From Beer to Eternity"
  • I hope they disband (again) before they embarrass themselves further lol
  • Psalm 69
  • Labeling Twitch 80s pop is just embarrassing, please stop lol
  • there are people who like twitch and these people actually whine about ministry having metal influence. they honestly prefer half arsed embarrassing shitty 80's pop fannying about to archetypal industrial metal. the fact of the matter is this band's worthwhile contributions to music begin at Rape and end at Psalm 69. everything else is trash - before or after.
  • Ministry is my fav band forever <3
  • The Land of Rape and Honey, The Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Taste, Psalm 69 were their best tbh
  • Twitch, The Land of Rape and Honey, The Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Taste are the best Ministry albums. That 3 album arc is awesome. Too bad they decided to go more metal. [2] Agreed.
  • Gregg Araki's Teen Apocalypse Trilogy
  • top 4 now looks like we are in evil parallel universe :D
  • Happy Birthday Mike! We miss you. :'(
  • 旅行行くときに変えてる~
  • I {{ LOVE }} MINISTRY!!! <3
  • Although I don't give a shit about politics, my favorite Ministry is anti-Bush trilogy. I hate 99% of true metal myself, but Ministry invented the best sound that metal can ever have. Aggressive, straightforward, and fucking intense. Not some typical testosterone-driven cock-rocking heavy metal bullshit or satanic cheese. Al Jourgensen burns all these poodle-haired assclowns to ashes.
  • remember when they were new wave? Dear god.
  • work for love :D since psalm69 toooooooooooooooo much metal, "The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste" was the last good album, for me.
  • Listening to Self Annoyed on the Trax Box reminded me how late 80's was their golden era.
  • Very nice!
  • Listening to unreleased 1982-1983 songs from Trax Box. Awesome stuff, wish they recorded another album like With Sympathy, there's plenty of songs for it.
  • So what?
  • @SafMao hahaha right...
  • @sebgob Assuming that he'll live long enough.
  • Al said it on FB Ministry's page. Europe for 2016.
  • What? Share your source right now! :D Are they coming to the UK too? I'll kill to see uncle Al live!
  • Ministry coming in Europe for 2016 !!
  • never trust a junkie
  • With Sympathy! best!
  • Looking forward to March 10th, Santiago, Chile!
  • IS COMING SÃO PAULO 6 MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
  • With Sympathy is freakin' awesome. Reminds me of The Human League's Dare
  • filth pig is as underrated as getting filthy with a passel of pigs


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