• Top 20 Albums of 2008

    Jan 31 2011, 2h51 por P_cell

    I was bored, procrastinating on university readings and essays so I decided to make this list. Looking back on it 2008 was such a sick year. This will be a little different just because it's in retrospect.


    1. Invincible - ShapeShifters

    Artist: Invincible
    Album: Shapeshifters
    Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
    Region: USA

    Truly inspiring. What an album!

    This has easily climbed to the top of my favourite hip hop albums of all time, and is one of my favourite albums in general. Not only are the beats continuously excellent, fresh, and attention grabbing, so are the lyrics and overall theme: continuous change to meet challenges, not just expecting the outside to change but to learn from mistakes to change yourself. Creative, intelligent, relevant, sharp all the way through. The various topics covered range from the Israel-Palestinian conflict, "crabs-in-a-barrel" mentality fostered among rappers…
  • Итоги 2010.

    Dez 31 2010, 13h38 por Garfie1d

    Вот и всё... Заканчивается 2010 год, как всегда подвожу итоги :)

    Top 10 - 2010.
    1. Loc-Dog
    2. Daft Punk
    3. Триада
    4. Castevet
    5. Michita
    6. Jonny Craig
    7. To the North
    8. Optimus Prime
    9. Noize MC
    10. Explosions in the Sky

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    Happy NY!
  • Insert Eye-Catching Title Here: Watch the Tapes' Top 100 Albums of 2009

    Jan 15 2010, 23h11 por FinalPizzaHut

    Find all these albums, along with to 25 EPs/Demos of 2009 and hundreds more artists and albums on Watch the Tapes! Comments are appreciated!

    2009 was quite a year. A lot happened in the world, in my life, and in music. In theory, those all seem like distinct things - but retrospectively, they can be hard to differentiate from one another. Events blur together, timelines become jumbled, memories get obscured by the haze of passing time; memories of how I felt, memories of people I know (or knew), and memories of the music that soundtracked it all. Most people seem content to simply let these things slip into the past, marching merrily into the future, but I'm never able to fully let go, it seems, and this process of archiving my favorite albums of the year reflects that in a big way.

    When I look back at this list in the year(s) to come, I'm not going to see an objective list of the best albums of 2009; I'm not even going to see a list I agree with anymore. …