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  • Being one of their more accessible and catchy songs, still, I'll be damned if the outro doesn't get to me. Might be more of nostalgic value, but the repeated vocal lines combined with the wall-of-sound and not least the synths, is one of instances where the music enters an emotional complex, almost otherworldly realm of beauty.
  • know that there is no escape from my snow brigade <3
  • dat ending
  • alt er perfekt
  • Such an amazing track. The harmony in the chorus is just beautiful.
  • cool
  • <3
  • Songs like this are why Frengers is such a fucking good album :D
  • dat bass
  • the only song that comes close to matching the brilliant juxtaposition of chugging grunge riffs with ethereal, spacey synths is alesso's remix of nadia ali et al. - pressure. two different genres, one highly interesting musical technique.
  • never fails to make me smile :)
  • show you how much i care ♥
  • I'm just like what?, every time...covered in dancing melted white chocolate and dripping caramel......t7b
  • <33333
  • jeeeeeeeeeeeez old :>
  • tha shiet!!!!!!!!!
  • never gets old, love it. [3]
  • "You’ve scrobbled this track 323 times. You first scrobbled it on 21 Apr 2006. You love this track."
  • I Love it :)
  • I'll find you somewhere..
  • Probably the best song ever.
  • the drumming on this track is sooo good
  • never gets old, love it.
  • love. ♥
  • completely super..truly one of the best parts of [tag]roctronik[/tag]
  • play rewind. play rewind. OK this song is so layered and dynamic already, then at 3.15 they find room in the mix to add an additional awesome bass sound that blows me away every time...
  • Love love love... endlessly !
  • This song is ridiculous. So good.
  • So good
  • I fall in love with Mew more and more each time I hear this song <3
  • This one is pure awesomeness
  • dreamy and cool song!
  • this song is so good that the rest of Frengers except for maybe the last song feels weak in comparison.
  • Best Mew-song ever!
  • Snow Brigade >>>>> anything by Snow Patrol.
  • Don't like Mew that much but this song is awesome!
  • greatness
  • Great track....<3
  • probably my favorite Mew song still. Frengers is a masterpiece. [3]
  • probably my favorite Mew song still. Frengers is a masterpiece. [2]
  • отлично звучит
  • probably my favorite Mew song still. Frengers is a masterpiece.
  • why always compare 1 band with another, they all r out in the woods doing there best at puting out there own stuff..
  • Love it
  • this was the first song i herd by them a few years ago, it's still dear to me
  • Awesome song n.n
  • sounds like a new order song on speed.
  • awesome :O
  • can't get the chorus out of my head!


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