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  • on a less serious note, this band is godawful [2]
  • Chaosphere and Catch 33 are amazing albums, the rest are pretty meh.
  • LOL@ all these self proclaimed Technical Metal scholars arguing about the legitimacy of the technicality of this band. Nobody fuckin cares except for the other 100 douches on the planet that think like you. Either listen to Meshuggah or don't
  • they should collaborate with lady gaga and name their project meshugaga [2]
  • on a less serious note, this band is godawful
  • they should collaborate with lady gaga and name their project meshugaga
  • Technical perfection isn't neccessary. Music has a soul, and even poetry (so, product of a soul) can be breath-taking with using simple words. Right?
  • I love this shoutbox so much. [2]
  • @fuknwastd You don't trick people into your liking music, they either do or they don't. If you don't like it that's fine, but don't try to pretend that people are "clueless" just because they do. At this point you're only talking to yourself without realizing no one here gives a shit.
  • oh god, some people on this comment section: "this band is a ripp off of whatever band i heard first", "(insert an old band name) do it first", "this band play's so easy", "my penis is small", "i take the time to invent a history and argue about facts that i research just because i don´t like this band", bla bla bla
  • Greatest metal band of all time. Haters are nothing.
  • Right in the middle of 1994 it became clear that black metal and death metal had left the building. They had said what they wanted to; people had to either top it or find some easier and sleazier way to do. Ripping off the percussive textures of Exhorder, Prong and Exodus, Meshuggah came up with a “new” style that consisted of over-extending ideas from previous and better bands. It’s worth mentioning that Meshuggah’s first album was 80s speed metal with death metal vocals, but that it was extremely boring. Meshuggah figured that if they just made their style more dramatic and used lots of choppy riffs with shiny new “complex” polyrhythms, they could fool a new generation into liking their stuff. Without fail, it worked, and now metal bands find it necessary to incorporate the worked-over 70s groove with two-chord texture riffs and claim a “djent” influence. At its core, this band remains the same bad 80s speed metal that failed on its first album.
  • Trolling is high everywhere, why is everyone so angry?! I mean extreme metal is calming, right?
  • 99.9% of all music = lots of clueless fans x lack of musical knowledge. No one cares. Listen to music because you like the way it sounds, not because of how "well" it is written.
  • I was talking with a Texas technical deathgrind master and he wrote a formula for me: Meshuggah = lots of clueless fans x lack of musical knowledge. If you have played guitar and learned theory, you know how trivial this band is. It’s basically a jazz percussion approach to metal rhythm guitar. Lots of offbeats within offbeats, if you know what I mean. No melody, no song development. In fact, song structures are linear in that they follow the sub-division of beats to a riff, expanding over time in a circular fashion. It’s really boring. But if you want to seem like you got the ultimate in technical metal, you’ll think you’re really cool for liking this distracted, random, artless band. Same critique applies to Necrophagist. They both attract people who want to be cool and smart, but have no knowledge of how the world works, which is why people are Meshuggah fans for exactly two years and then go on to liking Deerhoof and Yoko Ono.
  • last works are just overrated mallcore teenage stuff
  • The most boring album (ObZen) on top... I'm disappointed.
  • pozdrowienia z Śląska dla fanów Meshuggah
  • Meshuggah inspired South African band:
  • How come I shiver, hurt and bleed? If in dreams I cannot truly feel - who would dare say, who would claim; this hallucination isn't real
  • meshuggah are a certainty.... after a quarter of century they are still better than their copycats.
  • WhatABoringName, absolutely perfect description.
  • WhatABoringName, wow, that's pretty accurate, haha..
  • If your want to listen something similar, then Project Silence is your thing, they have new single flesh of the god here!
  • Listening to Meshuggah on a portable player in public feels like being invincible in a Mario game. That's about as close to an explanation I'll ever get.
  • Continued: For everything else what's there hits the bull's eye more often than not.
  • Not all people on Discogs, Metal archives and RYM are necessarily on each of those websites. People mostly prefer one over the other and so the general mindset toward music of the community of followers of those websites differ. Personally I like Discogs most for non-metal music, after that MA and I haven't opened RYM in god knows how long. I don't like the idea of rating albums only if you write a review on MA, seems nonsensical since it's quite a specialized and obscure site and most people using it would know what they're doing there. Discogs for me has provided accurate appreciation of music I have looked up about there and it's much cleaner, better organized and faster to load too. But when it comes to underground underground genres of music it does tend to go astray sometimes. If the music or band you're looking for best albums of has mixed reactions from its listeners then best to just check out the music and decide for yourself.
  • "Well, you can say that about Discogs, and, uh, any other website that allows people to have opinions ever." - Like I said before, and Discogs have numerous functions, and an ability of expressing opinions is just one of the many. While RYM is only about opinions and nothing else. I can't scrobble and build libraries on RYM, I can't buy/sell stuff on RYM. Cataloguing on RYM is not as good as on Discogs... and the list goes on.
  • "Aren't opinions in general "useless" then" - I agree, they are. So what's the point of Rateyourmusic? Isn't it just a mishmash of opinions that are generally useless?
  • "The reason why the score on Rate Your Music is lower than Discogs is because more people rate music on Rate Your Music" Well, obviously, that's why Rateyourmusic sucks. Too many useless (mostly negative) opinions. I feel really bad for people who make their conclusions about music based on Rateyourmusic ratings and reviews. Radiohead have to be the best band ever for them.
  • I'm against the initial idea of rating music by using numerical system, and this idea is the core of the website called 'RATE your music'. I think it's pointless since there is no objective criteria for rating music like that. Neither nor Discogs were made exclusively for rating music in that way. Discogs has this ability, but it's not something Discogs was exclusively made for. Just compare: Meshuggah's 'Nothing' has 4.41/5 on Discogs while on Rateyourmusic it's 3.63/5. And I can make comparisons like that with any other artist. Rateyourmusic users downrate good stuff for no real reason, just like they uprate shit for no real reason. That's why I think Discogs is more suitable for sensible music listeners.
  • Building your "taste" via considering other people's ratings (which are fucked up most of the time) is an undeniable sign of the fact that you're a brainless sheep. This website is full of dorks mostly hailing from 4chan and Pitchfork who downrate everything they're not able to understand and uprate hyped shit no matter how good or bad that shit is. As a result, overhyped and already overrated stuff gets their highest ratings. This site tries to force me to listen to Radiohead, Kanye West, Neutral Milk Hotel, outdated grandpa rock/metal, whatever else on their top? Fuck that. I despise everyone who uses it. And these "reviews" are hilarious. I'll go with discogs since it's better in every imaginable aspect: really huge database (especially compared to Rateyourmusic which obviously focuses generally on popular music only), ability to find and buy/sell really rare stuff, less hype-obsessed assholes.
  • "RateYourMusic is actually a really good website if you wanna look up bands and the reviewers are good, for the most part." - this is fucking hilarious. Rateyourmusic sucks ass.
  • [url=]MeSugar | Meshuggah played with Sugary Foods[/url]


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