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  • The Pelican was too cruel for this mermaid to sing...☮
  • Masterpiece
  • one of the most beautifully crafted albums of all time.
  • Amazing album.
  • perfect.
  • As of yesterday, I am writing a proposal to 33 1/3 in hopes to pen a book about this album. Wish me luck.
  • great album!
  • Lovely album. I like it a lot.
  • Took a few plays to grow on me, but what an awesome album!
  • Love this album, and Craig Thompson's artwork of course. I've got a poster of the cover art in my room:
  • incredible album, i was blown away the first time i heard it, and when that happens i know i came across something worth mention
  • This album really means a lot to me.
  • truly an underrated classic. i feel like if Wayne Coyne and the Flaming Lips were to notice these guys, they would have invited them to ATP for sure. these guys need to be more popular.
  • Not a bad track on here, favorite is probably Rotten Hell but Air Aid and Boyscout'n are incredible as well, not to mention The pelican and Wet and Rusting and . . . point of the post: this album's incredible
  • Why can't I heart the whole album..?
  • Great album, but it seems like every song is some kind of ballad.
  • Jesus, I've lost track of how many epic album closers this has. It could have ended 3 tracks earlier and still worked, but Menomena just has to keep bending my mind. I love it.
  • /me haben will!
  • I just saw this sitting in a shop, saw the album cover and thought "I'm having that"...luckily the album was as good as the album art. Very innovative, original and interesting.
  • top
  • The entire album is remarkable. The bass is incredible. And the multi-layered vocals add so much.
  • yes, treadlightning, the art is infinitely better in person - for one thing, it's interactive. You can spin the cd and flip the folder into various combinations and scan the details until your eyes bleed.. it's pretty damn innovative & fun. Definitely not just the picture you see online.
  • Yea, the cover art is pretty good. Wonder who made it..
  • I'm late getting into this album bought it today. FUCKING LOVING IT! not at all what I expected, its an amazing album! loving The Pelican.
  • Forget the cover art, this beautiful, brilliant album never ceases to surprise me, no matter how many times I spin it. Untouchable.
  • Looooooove the coverart!
  • Boyscout'n!
  • Way better. There are cutouts and little cellofane bits and little people doing all kinds of crazy things... it's pretty amazing.
  • everyone goes on about the art, i'm presuming it's better in your hands.
  • saved my life hoya!!!
  • Indeed. When I saw the record I was like Damn this cover looks awesome, hopefully the music sounds good, too! And I wasn't disappointed, it's a really great album with wonderful cover art.
  • The physical release is fun to play around with. :)
  • streamable!!1 yeah!!!
  • Friend and Foe is one of the best album I've heard in my life... I was totally Menomena obsessed like 4 months ago, couldn't listen to any other artist for like a straight month - I'm not exaggerating. I was forced to give them a break... went into Menomena withdrawal. Was hardddd, all that times wanting to hear them. I'm ready to give into them again. So what if they reach 300 plays a week?!
  • Holy shit, this is streamable? =O Great album.
  • my favorit album!
  • huzzah for awesome streamable albums!
  • album of the year!!

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