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  • new track is dope
  • "the original j cole" - realest comment ever made on
  • Memphis Bleek Talks Dame Dash/Jay Z Break Up (Video)
  • v lmao. true
  • the original j cole
  • "you bout ta witness a dynasty like no other who flow like bleek think no other who rhyme like sigel dog no other its rocafella twins desert eagle no other"
  • He can rap. There are a lot of rappers out there. Lets see what he can do going forward.
  • The movement is dope!!!
  • Yo, I grew up like a regular cat. Classic !
  • Bleek doesnt even have the best song in his own collection, sad. See: Dear Summer
  • "Bleek could be one hit away his whole career" - Jay-Z Keep telling us that. Bleek built his whole career of off Jay. He's nothing more than a hype man.
  • lmao @ underrated, this guy is garbage. m.a.d.e. was alright, but definitely not one of rocs best.
  • Still a rapper I have respect for. I liked his music since I first of him with "Memphis Bleek Is..." music video. He's so underrated! None of these rapper the radio stations play now have anything on Bleek. With how far mainstream rap has fallen since he dropped his debut album, he does not have to worry about his credibility.
  • GoooD StuuuF!!!)))
  • @hasafienda: That's too bad. M.A.D.E. is one of the best Roc-A-Fella's releases.
  • Lol... M.A.D.E. is dope as fuck
  • I still hate him for making me buy one of his albums off the strength of "Round Here," only to find out the rest of the shit was wack. Probably my worst purchase ever, and one of the many reasons I prefer to download before I pay for anything.
  • G as fuck yall
  • lol @ that commercial
  • never listened to him since he dropped that garnier fructis shit... a lot of rappers may have done some ridicilous commercial shit, but that was a little bit tooooo much
  • I'm out here slingin/bringin/the drama, tryin to come up/in the game/and add a couple of dollar/signs to my name/I'm out here servin/disturbin/the peace/life could be better, like my man reclined in/plush leather seats/He's sellin weight/I'm sellin eight/balls/sixteen tryin to graduate to pushin quarters y'all/I ain't gon' sweat him/I'ma let him/come to me/If he give me/the nod then these niggaz gon' see/I'm tired of bein out here round the clock/and breakin day/and chasin crackers up the block for my pay/I'm stayin fresh/so chickens check/I'm tryin to step up to the next level, pushin Vettes/to the Jets/Diamonds reflect/from the sun/directly in your equilibrium/and stunned/I'm waitin for my day to come/I got the urge/to splurge/I don't wanna lifetime sentence, just give me the word - Memphis Bleek "coming of age" w/ Jay-Z
  • respect you Bleek
  • he represents Roca La Familia
  • really underrated... this guy is awesome can`t believe he is that unkown
  • "Still Ill"... FUCKING GREAT TRACK!!!
  • 534 is teh shiet best album
  • wow... just realized he recorded a track with Ricky Ross for Process...
  • Just bought the whole album 534 and realized it's a fucking classic in my book. Beats are so good.
  • "They Don't Know" new single is dope !
  • Whaaat Hell Yeah! So So So Good Rapper..Respect!
  • way to underrated he is really awesome! truly one of roc`s best [2] ........ The Understanding is a roc classic!
  • way to underrated he is really awesome! truly one of roc`s best
  • one of roc's truest...
  • Making Easy Money Pimping Hoes In Style. Boss
  • shyt man, I still waitin' on his new album =/
  • I Get High should be #1
  • you heard the title niggaz 5-3-4! cant wait new bleek shit...
  • KE3
    Hated on for no reason, I see him as decent. Not the predecessor people wanted I guess. I don't see any hate for Beans, even though he's better lyrically. Bleek is slick talk, decent flow, Jay's featured on a third of most his albums, and has solid production with 1 undeniably great album (MADE) on his resume. I also like The Understanding. He has some hot tracks over the years.
  • M.A.D.E. was a dope album
  • where the fuck is we ballin?
  • I'm addicted to 534
  • Can't wait for the album :/
  • im mad his best song ever is Jay-Z. Dear Summer
  • Can't stop won't stop never intend to.
  • why is "straight path" only on #19? top-3 bleek-track! amazin' shit!
  • damn im surprised he doesn't have more total plays than this. 534 was solid
  • lmao @ JohnnyCash99, yea I agree hes alot better than ppl say he is (cough, cough)....u ever hear Dear Summer (feat. Jay-Z)??probably his best song, that song is dope as hell, (specially because he isn't on it)


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