• Tele's Weekly Chart Round-Up

    Ago 8 2006, 3h08 por Televiper

    I'm thinking about ways of mixing this up a bit. It's a pretty good idea. It looks like I'm listening to stuff that people are interested in knowing a little about. I'm interested in simply getting better at writing about the music I love.

    Atomic 7 .. 77
    Lots of Atomic 7 this week. Mainly because I was spinning two track heavy albums at work, which means I start listening, get distracted, and then just start at the top again when I notice the music has stopped. Atomic 7 is Billy Connelly's new surf project. You may know him as a member of Neko Case's band, or as a member of Shadowy Men from a Shadowy Planet. The 7 is all good, up-beat, surf rock, with a real warm, clean tone feel.

    Bonobo.. 29
    I have a long history with this album. I first acquired it as a CD-R from a DJ friend after a good night of electronic and lounge music. When I saw it available on Emusic I hesitated but, decided to grab it out of music geek honour since it has given me so many hours of pleasure in the past. …