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Scarborough Fayre (3:22)

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  • Ok, Hayleigh, I realize the Kings English differs a bit from (who's the President now?) from American Obamanese, but your shout somehow lacks something. What is it? On the tip of my tongue....Oh, yes! Any meaning! Ok, my neighbor once had this Labrador Retriever, named Stanislaus who used to write me stuff just like this. I would annoy the fool out of me, because Stanislaus only knew my e-mail address and the danged dog would always sign his e-mails "Bob" to be cute. Well it never worked. I always knew it was Stan. I know you aren't Stan, even though you mentioned "biscuits". For Stan the word "bath" is a word he'd never use. See! Anyone can blather on saying nonsense but still produce something readable.
  • Do they sell the biscuits in the summer hit last night was a summer hit getting bigger than the Meditation Opera film about it when I was this on my phone number is not a good boy who needs to be a lifetime for the photographs you took of your bank account for the last night I have a bath because of his own business and I want a
  • sweet voice
  • Loves dem Baebs, Them Baebs I likes to hear. Listens to their wonderful singing , And looks at their lovely derri.... If my darling spousal unit ever figures out who this avatar belongs to, I am so dead. I'll be a flat orange spot on the driveway. Oh BTW: Merry Christmas to all out there. I'm goin' bonkers. For the life of me I can't figure out why kids wonder how Santa Claus gets down the chimney. Rammin' a 300 lb fat guy carrying a big bag down a foot wide brick tube ain't nothin' in comparison with finding my wife a gift...she likes. If I got her the Holy Grail, she'd say it didn't match her other glassware. Hmmm, maybe a grass skirt and a weed eater? That way she can choose the correct length. If not, makes for proper Spring mulch...
  • nice vs
  • amazing track from amazing talent
  • If one of these Baeb's asked ME if I was headed to Scarborough Faire, it wouldn't be for a bunch of cooking seasonings you could pick up at the local Safeway. Nooo....we be talkin' saucey cookin' of the more nefarious variety. Speakin' of horn...ed guys: Hey Bjorn! You must be from Minnesota (sorry incorrect spelling for the locals: Min ee sohh tahh). Have to be since you're sporting the team jersey. Yeah, Go Vikes I owned a timeshare outside St Paul awhile back. The name was Club Carp. You know, that place that advertises "Fun, romance, dancing, live bait". Great place. Good times.
  • Beautiful :)
  • awesome!
  • Ok, we have different views, no prob. My take is this is art. By definition, art is supposed to be interesting, otherwise it's just "bovine byproducts". I find the Baebs sound interesting, and the visual angle something any artist would use to promote their work. (You think Warhol's hair was natural?) I would imagine ladies out there find other reasons (they're sportin' some really expensive getups). Art of any kind is a nutsy buisness. You do whatever it takes to make your work interesting. And yeah, sex sells. Go to the Louve and take a gander at a few masters (Whew!). Now I find Enya hot, because she can wear this $10,000 ball gown, in the dirt,... under a tree! My wife has a full blown COW on a blanket in old jeans. So in my book the "E" is a pretty racey artist. Ok, just my opnion. This and $50 will get us a cheap cup of Starbucks.

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