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  • Double posting because I'm a horrible person, but holy hell did those new studio sessions pay off. The new record is fucking great.
  • Stupid and Weird is the progressive bend the band needed to take to stay fresh and interesting. The direct pulling from more traditional synthpop sound combined with their manic writing was a genius move on the behalf of Justine and Kevin. Really looking forward to what they pull off with the studio sessions they have planned ahead.
  • This is fucking terrible. Why do I love it?
  • Stupid And Weird has only 572 listeners so far, so many people are missing out.
  • от души ребятки поработали ,доставили ваще
  • new album is fucking amazing!
  • Seriously, only been listening to this album for 12 days, it's already becoming one of my all-time favourites.
  • @Jamesismynamo and @will-neill already posted exactly what I was going to say.
  • I'm really enjoying this music so far, it reminds me of the unicorns.
  • I think they may have just put out their best album, possibly the best songwriting yet, most well structured and listenable from beginning to end. Also good to see they've developed a fresh new sound.
  • The big band ver of Matt & Kim
  • the new album is a lot less energetic and wacky. which i think is a cool change, because they pretty much perfected that sound with their last two albums.
  • This is what it would sound like if Jeff Rosenstock joined Anamanaguchi.
  • so much fun
  • posssiiiitifffcheg реально группа доставляет
  • Will be seeing you 12/20 Boston THINK ILL GET A HAIR CUT
  • I was expecting this band to be a mathcore band lol
  • luv dis
  • |hang out| best (๑・ω・๑)
  • Ohhhhhhhhhh!
  • I remember a friend showed me one of their records like six years ago and I loved their cover of "Dammit"...I hate that song but when they do it, it sounds ten times better. I could never remember the name of these guys. Good times.
  • The similar artists is so off.
  • I got real and I feel good
  • damn, this is some real dance-punk shit. awesome band.
  • anyone that doesn't agree that this band is absolutely amazing, get out of my face
  • The new album is fantastic!
  • PS: I fucking can't stop listening I Hope You Die + Stay Real (Sock it to Me Satan)
  • Their new album is their best so far. A pity they didn't released Get Real some years ago when the dance-punk stuff were relevant on the fucking media, it could have been a successfully ultrahyped and they could be rich as they deserve.
  • new album is wow (can't wait to see them for the 4th and 5th time)
  • New Math The Band music video "Horses" and 3 months of tour dates announced!!!
  • New EP -
  • WoW!! \o/
  • how come some of the best albums aren't even listed as albums? all good things all in good time? one man band for a single cell organism? bullshit.
  • Their show yesterday was fucking amazing
  • turrible, just turrible.
  • awesome! highly enjoyable.
  • I used to have all of their albums, then my hard drive decided to take a shit. I can't believe how hard it is to find their older stuff now; I'd really appreciate if you could send me anything besides don't worry, lol!! <33333
  • Four To Six !
  • ¡Awesome!
  • how the fuck is this anything like modest mouse? is this a in-joke or something
  • I found out about this band the other day. At first I thought it was Atom and I just of freaked because I thought it was some kind of new album.
  • it's like a party in my pants
  • "Hey I just got here, did they play Shark Attack yet?"
  • "that was our fifth song. we have seven songs left"
  • They remind me of Modest Mouse..... anyway i think they're good :) don't hate me
  • No Irish tour dates. Fuck everything.
  • new favorite band
  • ничё так,в маршрутке заебок позалипать


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