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  • Massive self-sabotage!
  • I love how you can hear the crowd booing in the background
  • one more tune
  • I like it!
  • awful track .
  • What the fuck?
  • phn
    wan more toon
  • Nice outro :D
  • It amuses me how much everybody hates this! I don't really get why, to be honest? Nice way to end their best album I think
  • That crowd sounds hostile. At any rate, I dig it.
  • Jesus, this song isn't that bad and honestly most of us are "chillin" when we listen to this type of music, so far it isn't as bad.
  • Fail.
  • It's not as bad as everyone makes out. I can see how it might have come about in concert, just them having a bit of fun. Still probably could've done without it on the album though.
  • Disappointing.
  • teeheehee IGNITE! x
  • Sadly, this doesn't work.
  • as good as original version
  • not a good fit at all
  • Hahahaha, what an awful cover. Massive Attack, you are fucking awesome, but don't.
  • classic song.. the doors forever in our hearts ) massive attack forever too ))
  • gross.
  • ok god this is like a spoof, it would have been cooler if he changed the lyrics to make it sound funny...
  • it's live, it was fun, everybody loved it!
  • the drum on this track is fantastic!
  • Pure trash!!
  • This sucks so bad. I've never been into The Doors too much, but I still think you shouldn't touch a classic if the result is anywhere as bad as this.
  • Weird....unnecessary. Queer not want. And this is coming from A massive attack fan.
  • no.
  • No this is just plain wrong.. Massive Attack and The Doors are two great acts that should be lightyears apart.
  • Hey, a Massive track I actually don't like.
  • Shit cover is shit...
  • Horace Andy ♥ Massive Attack ♥ ♥♥
  • a black eye on protection.
  • show
  • classic
  • Really dont like this one...
  • pretty good... but jim morrison was still better to tell the truth...
  • Ist mal was anderes als the Doors....... aber hört sich gut an - strange :-)
  • Great track...<3
  • крутаааа
  • i really like massive attack but this ISN'T good.
  • massive
  • old time
  • Harika parça.. I like this song, amazing.
  • vomito
  • Music is my life's soundtrack... Check it out > ... or's version> ... THAT'S INCREDIBLE
  • oh yeah....
  • HAHAHAHA very nice!! I love Massive Attack voice... Liket it


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