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  • TALK TALK / MARK HOLLIS FANS WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH OUR TALK TALK DOWNLOAD CAPAIGN 2015 : What? #ItsMyLife is what! Why? It’s about the MUSIC. The aim of this campaign is to bring the music of Talk Talk to Generation Z; to get it falling on fresh ears, and touching new minds and hearts. We hope that by getting “It’s My Life” into the charts it will help open up fresh avenues for the rest of their back catalogue to reach a wider audience, so that they too can enjoy the sublime sonic splendour of The Colour of Spring, Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock. When? Week of 11th October 2015. Late enough to be post-Summer and early enough to avoid the Christmas rush and just after the 30th Anniversary of the UK reissue of It’s My Life (28/09/85). SOCIAL MEDIA: JOIN US : FACEBOOK : TWITTER: GOOGLE PLUS:
  • Unfortunately no... :'(
  • Does anybody has any recent news about him?
  • ponete a grabar música la re calcada concha de tu hermana
  • As of now, this is all the material Hollis has graced the 10s with. It's pretty fascinating even at 55 seconds long (almost a whisper). Found an interesting '98 interview with said prince:
  • where are you sweet prince?
  • Where does he live ? Anyone ?
  • Неплохое продолжение Talk Talk.
  • Happy Birthday :)
  • oh
  • I feel invigorated and warm toward life when hearing his album.. there's no despair in here. It's sad, but thoughtful and.. thankful sounding.
  • I'd call this album hauntingly beautiful. Yeah, there is an aching sadness to it, but it doesn't leave me feeling empty and hollowed out. Luckily, as it's a real favourite.
  • Very abstract and dream-like
  • I've only listened to Mark Hollis' album twice, I just can't do it again cos on both occasions I felt empty, hollowed out. It's an experience I don't wanna face again.
  • Idol material.
  • We all do
  • I really wish there was more.
  • I agree with all the plaudits here, a great voice and minimalistic music to accompany his beautiful lyrics, I also love the way he chose his family over the music business. Its also worth checking out one of his former band mates from Talk Talk - Paul Webb and his collaboration with Beth Gibbons from Portishead and their album:- Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - Out of Season
  • such perfect music and a beautiful voice
  • I haven't had any issue with the repress on my system - sounds fine to me, as does the Laughing Stock pressings.
  • Happy birthday Mark.
  • The repress is terrible. To start they have a bad off-centering issue which results in surface noise. The metalwork is awful and quality control non existent. Seriously, listening to this album on vinyl is like torture. A real shame than no one gave a fuck about the quality control. They even misspelled stuff and they get the year wrong....2001 instead of 2011. YES - Ba Da Bing's attempt at making this amazing music translate to vinyl is an absolute fucking joke.
  • The represss demands a good quality system. In my opinion the repress sounds excellent.
  • Is vinyl repress of the record that bad as everyone tells?
  • stunning album.
  • This guy is a musician
  • well it was like five years old and he did it, as mentioned, for another production, in which they didnt use it in the end. at least he still makes musik, gives me hope :)
  • this Boss piece is very old. You are disillusioned if you think he was commissioned recently to write for a tv show.
  • here is "ARB Section 1", the aforementioned Boss piece. it's so great to hear even fifty seconds from Marky Mark.
  • I heard he was returning with an instrumental piece for a TV show called Boss. The piece is from some music he did for a movie called Peacock that apparently wasn't used. Maybe there's still hope?
  • This guy has done so much to music and art, what a God.
  • He looks like Martin Sheen!
  • the solo album is breathtaking!!! [2]
  • Genius!
  • heartachingly beautiful.
  • Марк, это было круто)
  • the solo album is breathtaking!!!
  • Excellent album. As good, if not better than Spirit of Eden.
  • Rare footage of Mark in 98 talking about his self-titled and his past-albums.
  • I want him to come back to singing, playing & recording. Talk Talk is one of the best bands of all time. Mark Hollis is a hero.
  • One could never ever get tired of the entire album. Pure bliss.
  • An absolutely stunning album.
  • "I give the entire music of the last ten years for one more song of Mark Hollis" [2] ☺
  • Happy Birthday Mark!
  • Was all set to type something profound here, but I have a splinter in my palm.
  • Please register your interest for this amazing document about Talk Talk with Mark's blessings!
  • Laughing Stock and Mark Hollis, 2 of my all time favourites.
  • Imagine coming to this page and seeing an actual "ON TOUR" next to his name (2)


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