• 100,000th track

    Jul 31 2009, 8h17 por silver52

    Marillion A Few Words For The Dead

    The last 60 or so tracks I played building up to this landmark were all on random play, so I was quite chuffed that one of my all time favourites got the prime spot
  • Uninvited Guests: A beginner's guide to Marillion; Part 3: Difficult Times

    Jul 24 2009, 19h51 por HazyB

    Part 3: Difficult Times


    Halfway into the nineties, Steve Hogarth had definitively been integrated as Marillion's main man. Despite their ever faithful fan base, Marillion's success was insufficient to justify any further collaboration with the EMI label. Unfortunately, their new label, Castle, didn't even try to put Marillion on the map again, instead choosing to give their albums enough distribution only to reach the faithful rather than a new audience. Perhaps unconsciously, this prompted Marillion to try and do two things: first, to rejuvenate their sound, and second, to get rid of their new record deal as soon as possible. This resulted in a number of albums that clearly define a difficult period in the band's existence.

    1997 - This Strange Engine
    * * *
    As the title suggests, there's something strange about this album. Something's just not right. Marillion are still themselves, but they seem out of shape. …
  • h Natural @ MAC, Birmingham, February 2006

    Jan 13 2008, 0h17 por queeniefox

    I was so incredibly impressed by the whole show. Not only did H play and sing amazingly, but he interacted really well with the audience. He was very funny of course, but he was serious occasionally and came accross as really rather intelligent. The songs were all delivered with true feeling and intensity, and really very moving in places. Voice wise he was just stunning, even I was suprised at how good he was. I can't come up with adequate superlatives, but really just utterly gorgeous. There was quite a lot of talking at the beginning - he started off by saying he was there because he couldn't play his tax bill and so decided to do something which wouldn't need any thought ('I love how you're all laughing at this') which was bullshit obviously (the no thought thing, I suspect the tax bill story is all too true!) and then invited people to heckle which of course brought up Madonna-gate: 'you have to be careful what you say in Holland.' What has Holland got to do with anything?! :D But no…