• Sellaband Reccomendations

    Jul 13 2008, 12h00 por ConsignedO is a really cool site that i'm a member of! It comprises of music fans (aka. Believers) investing money into artists they enjoy. It costs $10 for one 'part', and when an artists reaches 5$50,000 they go into a recording studio and record a cd. Plus, for every 'part' you will receive 1 limited edition, plus a fraction of the money the artists earns from selling their product!

    Here are some of my favourite artists, with personal reviews i wrote for them!

    For fans of: Ayreon, Siobhan Donaghy, Bjork
    Highlight: The Enoch Syndrom

    AIOIA grabbed my attention when they first joined. I saw their photo as i signed onto my page, and was quite interested. C-Leen, who was primarily apparent in the picture made me believe that the band were a soul or gospel act- and i just had to tell my friend Karin, since she's a huge fan of that type of music!

    But i was certainly surprised when i clicked play, and heard the most atmospheric…