• "Raining blood" covers

    Jun 21 2009, 18h32 por deadsprt


    ...since i like Slayer's Raining Blood fucking much and i know it's a very popular song for many bands to cover and i heard some before i googled for it.. Google got me to this page An amazing list of covers *_*. When i say 'amazing' i mean it's big, as some songs from it are hard to find.
    That's a strange thing 'cause i like many cover's more then originals, mainly because of the way they sound and 'cause i like modern music.... that doesn't mean i don't listen to 80's metal... i do.. it just makes a small percent of what i listen to >_> (not good of me... i know.. should've listened more)
    So part of these covers suck fucking much since i HATE all kinds of electronic so called music. I don't get the use of DJ's making covers for any songs especially metal or hardcore: electronic music lovers won't ever understand the original and metalheads won't ever like these covers imho
    But some of them are interesting to listen to. …