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Banda criada em 1970 por John McLaughlin (guitarra), e composta em sua primeira formação por McLaughlin, Billy Cobham (bateria), Rick Laird (baixo), Jerry Goodman (violinos elétrico e acústico) e Jan Hammer (piano elétrico, sintetizadores). Essa formação gravou três discos: The Inner Mounting Flame (1971), Birds of Fire (1972) e Between Nothingness and Eternity, registro do concerto de despedida da banda no Central Park de New York em 1973.

No ano seguinte, McLaughlin decidiu experimentar um som mais orquestral e gravou… leia mais

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  • The Noonward Race - MADNESS..
  • u like machester orchestra
  • This aint just a land mark album.. Its a freakin meteor that struck a planet and shook the entire earth and changed the landscape. Groundbreaking, breathtaking,aweinspiring,overwhelming and so on whatever u can think of this album is trailblazing.. even moreso than other contemporary miles's landmark jazzfusion albums such as bitches brew and in a silent way. John was a major contributor in those albums which two virtuosos feeding off each others geniusness and created something thats is gut wrenching yet so beautiful at the same time. Im glad to have waited for so long to revisit this album.. Couldnt amaze me more. And talk about the man himself John mclaughlin.such a humble guy.. Meeting him in person was an absolute delight and kudos to him for still engaging with the fans like he does. A true gentleman
  • Ok.. Here goes a praise bit like a crazy rant but its been what? Nearly a decade since i had a proper listen to inner mounting flame. I have a weird habit of not listening to albums i really like... Sort of saving them up for an occasion when i need them most because even great albums wears off sometimes especially when its listened too often and as time goes by they lose that tingling electric high u get as a virgin listener. I remember the first time i listened to mahavishnu i was like is this even real??? Is this fuc*in real??? and i thought that was pretty intense experience back then. But finally.. After all those years and listening to the inner mounting flame again i am totally lost of words.. That reaction i had back then isnt anywhere near comparable..Oh my my my my mouth was open during the entire play of the album with jaw dead dropped probably looked like a total fool if someone caught me with that face but i mean who wouldnt???
  • Doesn't get any better than this.
  • Fuck, they are freaking awesome.
  • More interesting background information at
  • More than 90 years and I still love that music!
  • these god damned dirty hippies sure do make good music.

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