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Biographical Secrets

MC Frontalot was born Milford Christopher Frontullo in a Reno youth hostel in 1973. The fronting has increased exponentially since. Eight years of rap stardom, seven and a half world tours, and forty-two platinum albums find MC Frontalot threatening retirement. His legion of fans will sob quietly to themselves.

Journalists and nerdcore historians in need of more thorough biography data are encouraged to request access to the press page.

Booking for MC Frontalot

Contact the booking hotline. We know that hotlines are usually phone numbers, but this one is an email box. We will get back to you right away. booking@frontalot.com

If you're looking to bring the unspeakable glee of Frontalot's live nerdcore hip-hop revue to your club, convention, or other venue, here are some data points for you:

* Four band members (vocals, keys, bass, drums + sampler)
* Current touring set is 17 songs, aprox 1 hour and 10 minutes.
* Full stage plot and input list in PDF file here.
* Draw is anywhere from several dozen to several hundred, depending on city, day of week, time of year, and lead time for promotion.
* Stage fees are negotiable and generally consist of a door split with a guarantee, plus overnight accomodations. Size of guarantee varies by night of week and required travel. New York and Boston-area performances are usually deemed local.

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