• A Lurid Public Service Announcement

    Out 10 2007, 20h25 por object88

    I promise, last-minute show listings are not my new motif. You can look forward to another heaping dose of awkward and painful introspection vaguely interlaced with musical commentary in the near future. I swear.

    Tonight! Live! In Technicolor! Lurid Bliss plays at Annie's Social Club in SF. It's an early show: doors at 8pm, first band at 9.

    The line-up is toted as being all female lead bands. Sure, the rock scene is lacking in women, but I just can't get excited about a band simply because one or more women are involved. I suppose that explains why the Pussycat Dolls aren't on my playlist. I'm going to see Lurid Bliss because they fucking rock, cock or not. I have it on good authority that Tribe Of Shadows (nee Battery Point) and Wifey are "frickin' schweet", to boot.

    And this just in, by completely random chance... tomorrow night, The Pyschotranshumanoid tour hits SF. Not sure how this completely escaped my attention until just now. Nevermind Akron/Family (um, folk music?), I think I'll go to this. …