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  • Not my favorite Lou Reed album. That honor would go to The Blue Mask. But still a masterpiece, and "Perfect Day" always remained a favorite of mine.
  • Ladies goodniiiiighht...
  • Lou Reed na
  • Stop playing the hipster card on this one. It's widely recognised for a reason. Masterpiece
  • I caught my little sister singing, "Shine a light on Love", a misinterpretation of "Satellite of Love". Said she'd been singing it like that for years.
  • R.I.P
  • i always enjoy listening to this. and i'm on the side that thinks it's a masterpiece.
  • ★★★★★
  • Great album, he shows his talent once more. My favourite Reed's album with Berlin
  • Masterpiece [3]
  • Play a game about the albums of Lou Reed!
  • omg this rules
  • One of the greatest albums of all time.
  • Not a masterpiece [3]
  • Masterpiece [2]
  • Classic.
  • Not his best. [2] The Bells is superior.
  • ba dum tsh
  • I totally set myself up for a masturbation joke.
  • v I think this man is having a stroke!
  • transformer lue Reed cd album nummber track meak up lik jou this song
  • Masterpiece
  • so vicious
  • Classique.
  • Not his best.
  • A wonderful piece of art that performs one act of emotional gymnastics after another. From the no-nonsense approach of "Vicious" to the bombastic "Andy's Chest", and from the ominous yet soothing medleys of "Perfect Day" to the vivid description of The Factory's denizens in "Walk on the Wild Side"; this is a masterpiece through and through.
  • masterpiece
  • Incredible album
  • I LOVE YOU LOU :000000000000000
  • great album
  • Fantastic album
  • Probably one of my favorite albums of all time
  • muy buen album de lou reed
  • lou reed is the best undergrount artist
  • schoenburger > foottoface. this album is pretty great, by the way.
  • I like every song of this album... :)
  • @schoenburger "VU" and "The Velvet Underground" is not the same album. He was referring to the latter as being a 10/10, which I agree. It's a flawless album, just like White Light/White Heat. The eponymous album is the first post-John Cale album with Doug Yule as the replacement, and VU is an outtakes album which most of the songs were used on Lou Reed's first album. Even if WL/WH was obviously the most important, you can't really rank WL/WH, TVU, VU, and Transformer in any order. It's a matter of personal preference. "Is not a 10/10 album. stfu", who says? You? Why does your opinion matter more than anyone else? I bet you're one of those people that think the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums of All Time are set in stone and if anyone challenges it you go into a hissy fit.
  • This is a beautiful album. Better than Lou's work on Velvet Underground.
  • I like this album a lot!
  • I disagree that it was his best since White Light, because The Velvet Underground is a 10/10 album yes it is
  • Good album but I think these days I'd put quite a few of his albums over it.
  • Amazing...
  • Vicious, You hit me with a flower, you do it every hour, Ohhh baby your so vicious!
  • amazing album
  • I love Lou Reed, but if David Bowie hadn't produced it, I don't think it would have turned out as brilliant as it did. Especially the backing vocals of Satalite of Love and the sax solo in Walk On The Wild Side
  • Not really consistent, not better than "loaded", 4-5 great songs still : the singles, the opener and "new york..."
  • i love Lou Reed...


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