• Prague - Lordi - Babez for Breakfast 2010

    Nov 20 2010, 0h09 por ZoidyLukas

    Thu 18 Nov – Lordi Babez for Breakfast Tour
    There were two other bands before Lordi.
    Sister Sin was is a swedish band with chick singer. If the kicker drum wasn't so loud they would be good. One song got stuck in my mind tho - 24/7, 24 hours, dunno which it was tho.
    The second band, The Dogma I dont remember so well, so no comments about this one.
    Lordi finally came - sound was clear, songs and show were great. Mr. Lordi kept changing his costumes to doctor and such. He even had some props, like the axe and some kind of motor saw. They played pretty much the same they play this whole tour. They started of with Babez for Breakfast and followed with Dynamite Tonite. After that Bite it like a bulldog. Whole setlist is under this text.


    01. Babez For Breakfast
    02. Dynamite Tonite
    03. My Heaven Is Your Hell
    04. Bite It Like A Bulldog
    05. Nonstop Nite
    06. AWA Solo
    07. Rock Police
    08. It Snows in Hell
    09. Who's Your Daddy
  • Lordi Concert - Herford X - 23.09.06

    Dez 27 2006, 20h02 por Bayoon

    The 23rd of September 2006, I went to a Lordi concert in Herford, which is about 500 km away from my home. The concert was at a small club, X club. On the way down there, from Denmark to Germany, we of coursed warmed up with a mix of my favourite Lordi songs.

    When I first got to the place, I was a little surprised. The audience, full covered in black clothes - some more extreme than others - yet so peaceful. Everyone was standing calmy talking to each other, having a nice way of waiting. It was easy to get inside the building, which seemed to be a little small at first.

    The inside surprised me a little. First we had to go through a controle, who actually allowed us to take along a camera! Just after that, we got into some sort of dungeon. Very nice atmosphere - just perfect for getting in mood for Lordi music, not I weren't in that mood.
    We went through some few small hallways, spacing a bar, a dance floor, etc. Then we finally got to the place.