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  • Fucking AWESOME
  • The times when Thunderchild was on top for years...
  • Homeward Bound is the only outstanding track, typical liquid funk otherwise
  • Крайне удивлён что композиция Fear not на 22 месте :(
  • New Album is good.
  • New album is nice!
  • yoooo
  • logic sticks out in brain
  • Transporter. <3
  • Fibreglass!
  • Thunderchild! for ever and ever
  • The Grid.
  • i love "fear not" <3
  • Almost every track on Crash, Bang, Wallop brings me so much feelings of nostalgia.
  • Crystal Skies !
  • Over and Out!!!трек запал мне в душу!
  • Cosmonaut !!!
  • The new album is very different from other stuff he has made. I kind of like that these producers are developing their sound and trying new styles. It's Hospital, it's 2012, but Matt continues to deliver me, unlike C&K with their *huge* disappointment. Fear Not has it's weak songs, but has some excellent ones too, like your normal albums do. Fear Not has a sick and smooth bassline, Early Again has great athmospere and cool synth sounds, a rather versatile track. Very smooth, very relaxing. Liquid to the max. Prolly my favourite of the album. Crystal Skies is a nice track with terrific (and undeniably sexy-sounding) vocals that add to the entity.
  • Enjoying the new album.
  • Going on a trip for the 140th time now. That tune never gets old. :)
  • album is just great - his uniqe liquid-dnb style combined with some dubstep elements
  • а по мне warehouse
  • well i love the new album and i love logistics so how 'bout that.
  • завази
  • New album is good but definetely can't beat "Spacejams" or "Reality Checkpoint" imo.
  • perfect new album!
  • nice new album. liking the actual dnb tracks, as well as most of the new sound ones
  • Awesome!
  • I am not agree that album is amazing. Nothing so special that i am want to listen on repeat all day.
  • New album is way better than I expected. Hospital Recs recent releases are truly rad!
  • Believe In Me sicko!
  • amazing album
  • Yes, Winter Blues needs to be in the charts.
  • Winter blues also need the top with city life
  • Timelapse is brilliant
  • Logiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! can he make a bad tune?
  • "We Are One" is not really my type but "Timelapse" is great! :)
  • New tracks from Logistics are awesome! Can't wait till the new album comes out :))
  • Fibreglass is pretty good!
  • wow he is good!
  • Here's my newest dnb mix with some great Logistics tunes!
  • bcee-consumed (logistics rmx). soo sick
  • tune his music everyday (=
  • Need more Nu:Logic collabs, and for you two Hop off the sinking ship that is Hospital. The time to innovate is now!
  • Logistics заболел.


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