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  • Glass Earth makes me die of laughter. "Hey" Two Hunters/Filosofem.
  • Weak hipster bullshit.
  • this has got to be the worst album cover of all time
  • One of my favorite metal albums
  • Lol relistened this and it really is shit. :----D At first I thought that this was bretty gud but naaah
  • This album was incredible. Metalhead's go fuck yourselves
  • meme-metal at its finest.
  • @IronLighting Exactly. It's just not good at what it is trying to achieve. When I first heard this album all I could think was 'shit Krallice ripoff'. If badly copying another band and added some pretentious theory to it passes for innovation then whatever. Ved Buens Ende were and still are infinitely better and more innovative.
  • Why do people act like this album exposes some big dichotomy between the close-minded, conservative metalheads and the progressive, experimental folks, with one camp liking it for being transcendental and the other hating it for not being trve enough? A lot of this album really just sounds like dull, tremolo black metal, albeit with more major chords than typical BM. There have been way more experimental black metal bands as long as 15 years ago (Ved Buens Ende, for instance), and yet Hunter Hunt-Hendrix feels entitled to inarticulately ramble about how, uh, like, transcendental he is at any opportunity that's presented to him. All this posturing and conceptual controversy seems to just distract from the quality of the music itself, which isn't actually that progressive, experimental, or interesting. It's a mediocre album, and why it's stirring up so much controversy is beyond me. Guess you could even say it even, like, transcended beyond me.
  • fucking intense.

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