• First Half of 2009 - Most Played

    Jun 17 2009, 15h42 por Xemper

    (Edit 18th June: I've just realised that I should have done this at the end of this month, so this info is actually only for the first 5 months of 2009. I'm an idiot. O__O)

    28/12/2008-01/06/2009 -
    Stats collected using troublewithdreams.com/scrobbler

    Total Tracks Played: 4800 (31.2 per day)

    # 1. (1) Animal Collective: 305
    My new favourite band. Currently 4th in my overall charts but will probably be higher by the end of the year.
    # 2. (2) Radiohead: 236
    A staple of my musical diet. Been number 1 in my charts for as long as i can remember. I may own all their albums but I'm still finding great Radiohead music through various b-sides and out-takes.
    # 3. (3) James Yuill: 228
    A relatively new artist that I can't seem to stop listening to. Folktronica they call it, damn catchy.
    # 4. (4) Penguin Cafe Orchestra: 151
    Modern classical music. Very easy to listen to and great to work to. Pity they're not still making music.
    # 5. (5) Röyksopp: 134