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  • screamo\sludge Lhasa
  • miss her so much...
  • I need a lyrics
  • Can't integrate Lhasa and Lhasa de Sela for once?
  • Japanese Lhasa just ripped my heart out. Hongo with more emotion. What a shame they only made three damn songs!
  • bugün seni daha bi' özledim kadın.
  • Норм.
  • I just found this UK singer whose tone/style reminds me of LdS :worth a listen imho
  • The correct is "Lhasa de Sela" or "Lhasa" to LastFm?
  • Miss her.
  • No words...
  • Just found her as well on Very sad she died so early. If you look her up in google images, she always has such a wonderful smile.
  • damn, i just discovered the artist through the song "Pa'Llegar a tu Lado" and i found she already died. oh mine. she was amazing!
  • its so sad that shell never release any more music, three albums just isnt enough. she was just so amazing ;_;
  • correct fucking tag is Lhasa, period. [2]
  • look at the covers of her cds, you scrobbling heroes. where have you seen "de Sela"? correct fucking tag is Lhasa, period.
  • Fuck you, Last FM. Give us "Lhasa de Sela" back. - Not the smartest move, [2]
  • Yeah, it really makes no sense for them to redirect "Lhasa de Sela" to "Lhasa", considering that the latter can refer to multiple artists whereas there's only one Lhasa de Sela. Not the smartest move,
  • ¿Cuándo mis charts de "Lhasa" pasarán a ser de "Lhasa de Sela"? :( [2]
  • [Why on earth did change all my listens of Lhasa de Sela to Lhasa? I specifically have tagged them all with her whole name not to end up on this page that is combined with some other musicians. And now it seems I have zero listens of Lhasa de Sela and 400 of Lhasa suddenly. Anyone else have a similar problem?] +1, and may I add did the same with Eugenia León and Luz Casal... They should really have someone from at least the main languages of the world checking for this sort of things...
  • boohoo :') anyway, La Llorona could be my next favourite album
  • @FUCK-YOUR-SHIT. Musical ignorance you say? Why dear, before jumping into hastened conclusions such as me being stupid, you should first consider the fact that you're the one who being excessively pathetic... i didn't call your mom a bitch anyway, so easy there, fellow, you're acting like a pansy fanchick whose idol has just been bashed. Fyi i have a prob with the tags, so i don't give a flying turd about the overprotective twats around here. :[
  • Para evitar confusiones con otras barbaridades de las que me he enterado en las notas de esta página, cambien las ID3 a [artist]Lhasa de Sela[/artist]
  • V <3
  • @black0cat, are you seriously 19? core faggotness, weaboo emoticons, musical ignorance and general dumbassery. are you that stupid?
  • ¿Cuándo mis charts de "Lhasa" pasarán a ser de "Lhasa de Sela"? :(
  • @ausweglosigkeit learn how to use the comma, please <3
  • @black0cat suffer bitch
  • Lhasa the screamo band rocks, who's that bitch =____=
  • Beni hep ağlatıyorsun bu kış günlerinde! Sesin insanın içine işliyor
  • Pretty overrated as a songwriter, but good musician.
  • correct tags. add japanese lhasa up.
  • japanese Lhasa is very best!
  • binary end 01/01/10 !
  • miss u sooo much Lhasa !
  • ;(
  • I freaking MISS Lhasa.
  • we miss you, Lhasa.
  • it's so strange. screamo band is named "Lhasa", singer-songwriter name is Lhasa de Sela, so why, tell me somebody, why are the both shouts occupied with her tags, bio, songs etc? it's so unfair, guys. please, correct your tags
  • ♥♥♥♥♥
  • ♪♥
  • красивая
  • R.I.P.
  • screamo Lhasa ftw!
  • I know her father! He's a Spanish teacher at the high school I went to! I'm sure he would be so happy to know that she has such a following. I've never listened to her but it's sad to see that she passed away at such a young age. R.I.P.
  • @ tontonfranck here is the live recording -
  • Hearing Lhasa laughing out loud on "love came here" is such a privilege... I don't know where this live recording comes from but it's so cooool!
  • Lhasa is a miracle. а все любители скримо могут идти ровным строем нахуй.


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