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  • Avatar de HotSkipJack
    fucking hell
  • Avatar de samiskywalker
    Let the Music Be Your Master [4] \\o/
  • Avatar de tygergurl72
    How is that Houses of the Holy is not on Houses of the Holy?
  • Avatar de doctaphil9
    this song is just so fun, love it. Plant's vocals are especially great in this song.
  • Avatar de DarkMessengerVI
    so good, one of my favorites!
  • Avatar de DrBlur
    Everything about this song rules...that clangy-sounding Page riff, Jones' rumbling bass, Bonham's drumming, Plant's vocals...fuckin' great song!
  • Avatar de frearson10
    No Quarter is playing for me, not Houses of the Holy. Another good song, but WTF!
  • Avatar de petross85
    No Quarter is playing for me, not Houses of the Holy. Not complaining like...
  • Avatar de Angel_Blue-
    Let the Music Be Your Master [3] \o/
  • Avatar de thaiswestin
    Are you dizzy when you're stoned?
  • Avatar de corpsetastic
    Rockin' yet somehow a compact valentine's card that puts today's sterile envelopes to corporate sordid shame.
  • Avatar de Beanoboo
    The drums!
  • Avatar de juselesa
  • Avatar de Liloucat
  • Avatar de simonggggg
    the drums
  • Avatar de BanconIsGood
    the riff
  • Avatar de vinman07
    Seen them in 75 & 77 in Cleveland ,both shows EXCELLENT!!!!!
  • Avatar de frearson10
    Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah!! IV is right up there, love The Battle of Evermore!
  • Avatar de MIKEH3875
    Physical Graffiti and IV are two that i go back and forth on as my all time favorite Zep albums
  • Avatar de frearson10
    Clintbreed, I have Houses of the Holy and it is a great album, but I have to bow to Physical Graffitti as my fav!
  • Avatar de DaveBaldwin
    Kara, we listen because we HAVE will only drive you mad otherwise. And Kate, how can you be in your....uh hemm...40's AND from the UK and Houses of the Holy is new to you? Exclusive Humble Pie and Deep Purple fan I take it?
  • Avatar de amber922
    Let the music be your master. [2] oh yeah :)
  • Avatar de clintbeed6793
    I really wish they had included this on Houses of the Holy! It would have made my favorite Zep album that much better!
  • Avatar de ThePowerStation
  • Avatar de dollface622
    GWZ - we love ZEP, one of he best.
  • Avatar de MIKEH3875
    still damn good.........
  • Avatar de Ezekiel22
  • Avatar de mikesimpson
    It only goes to show !
  • Avatar de t69gto
    This was when Zep was thriving! Awesome tune!
  • Avatar de katierabbit
    what a joy hearing a great old track thats new to me
  • Avatar de KaraB92
    seriously why do i listen to this song so much
  • Avatar de Sulisk
    Love this song
  • Avatar de mragrawara
    Groovy and upbeat. I like it!
  • Avatar de razor851
  • Avatar de KaraB92
    i listen to this song too much
  • Avatar de RockLiberation
    Let the music be your master.
  • Avatar de sandy123450
    it rocks its led zepp whats wrong with u lol
  • Avatar de rockandrolljoe
    Are you dizzy when your stoned?
  • Avatar de KConn3711
    cowbell baby .... give to it hurts .... cowbell that is!
  • Avatar de lihei
    Another great bass track from Jones.
  • Avatar de Dharion
    Needs more cowbell. [6]
  • Avatar de BIG-D313
    That's a nice video somebody added.... lol
  • Avatar de P1nkF1oyd
    One of the many Led Zep songs to feature Bonzo's squeaky bass drum pedal.
  • Avatar de MIKEH3875
    damn how good it is......
  • Avatar de chefsam57
    Let me wander in your garden. And the seeds of love I'll sow. Said there ain't no use in crying Let the music be your master
  • Avatar de oldiesfanjohn
    am properly Bonzo-ed and primed right now
  • Avatar de MountieFromHell
    Huh, I forgot how good this song was.
  • Avatar de Hearts48
    CLASSIC !!!!
  • Avatar de KConn3711
    how sweet it is!
  • Avatar de oldiesfanjohn
    more cowbell


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