• Wings

    Fev 22 2009, 7h13 por BertoneBeatle

    I just interviewed Laurence Juber, former Wings member, on my podcast. As a result I have been on an insane Wings kick.

    For the past few days I've listened to "Back To The Egg", "London Town", "Venus and Mars" and "Wings Greatest".

    Select Denny Laine and Laurence Juber tracks as well.

    It's been a serious obsession with me that is returning. Wings was truely one of the greatest bands but will always be stuck in the Beatles shadow. Paul McCartneyDenny LaineLaurence JuberBack To The EggWings GreatestVenus And MarsLondon Town
  • AL STEWART - The Grateful Dread Discography

    Mai 11 2006, 21h10 por gdread

    It's a gigantic pyramid, working up to fame with 'Year of the Cat,' then coming back to where I came in. It's not a bad life. You can cast the odd, wistful glance in the direction of Elton John, but then of course you have to put up with being Elton John.

    Not long ago, Al Stewart was asked about his long, storied music career, which peaked (in terms of US pop-chart acclaim) in the mid-1970s - the above is his witty reply. For Stewart's fans and devotees, his has not been a bad life at all: The artist's deep, rich, peak-heavy discography - the 40th anniversary of his first recorded solo release comes Aug. 12 - features scads of inspired music, thoughtful lyrics and ideas and a wealth of stories from the mind of an imaginative man with a perennial eye on the past, present and future.

    For those in need of an introduction to the folk-rock troubadour's huge catalog, those interested in learning what he has done beyond his big hits - those who could use a reminder of the man's…
  • What's The Newest Christmas Song Additions To Your Track List?

    Dez 7 2005, 16h47 por beatleman6

    Things around here in Earl-land have been rather hectic. Working retail at Christmas has a way of taking some of the fun out it all, although helping people find the right music or movie for their family and friends has its own rewards. Speaking of music, let's get down to the next installment in the Christmas song journal.....What's new in your collection this year?

    Over the years, I've always found at least one new song or album to add to the ol' yuletide songfest. Working with CDs everyday, I see all sorts of new music come through the store. Christmastime is no different. However, this year it seems that very few artists have put out new Christmas material. There are a few notable exceptions. Diana Krall, Anita Baker, Jessica Simpson, and (heaven help us) Kenny G have new ones out, but none of these seem to be destined to become Christmas classics. This year, I've turned to the internet to help locate songs I may have overlooked from the past few years. I've even been poking around other members pages to find a few. …