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  • laurel in berlin:
  • Never checked out anything by her before though In Situ is really great
  • in situ is probably one of my favorite releases of hers since quarantine. i do miss her vocals. quarantine, king felix, and hour logic are my favorite releases. it'd be so fun if she made another king felix pop-y album. QUEEN FELIX PLZ
  • In Situ <3
  • Seems Quarantine was an aberration and In Situ is where Halo wants to be. Kinda safe but if she keeps finding sounds that tickle the ears and imagination I won't complain too much.
  • Words are just words, words are just words that you soon forgeeeeeeeet
  • As much as I'm enjoying her more techno-inspired releases, part of me wonders what it would sound like if she did another more 'song-oriented' project, like Quarantine. Hoping she veers into that direction again at some point.
  • The new album,In Situ, is a mixed bag of really wonderful sounds and some uninspired beats. Drift is a case in point.
  • Love every release, originality|versatility|quality
  • I can't help but feel her music is getting more generic and safe with each release. I know a lot of people didn't like the singing on Quarantine but you couldn't deny the creativity and individuality on it.
  • Quarantine and King Felix, come back!
  • In Situ is fantastic.
  • new album is rly good...kinda came out of nowhere tho.
  • In Situ is amazing
  • Incubate live was great!
  • сами вы дрочь, блять. и сами вы хуйло.
  • ну и дрочь же(
  • cool shit
  • your pockets were also overflowing with spaghetti @scomatsho
  • Saw her at Sonar watching Lykke Li at the side on her own, but didn't speak to her. Assumed she didn't want to be disturbed.
  • the goddess
  • Ambient 5 - Music For Spaceports [2]
  • ha, i wonder how come -out it's the most played track
  • quarantine is GOAT of the GOATs
  • So so so so so good at Dimensions Festival
  • This is probably the most psychedelic music I've heard :D
  • She's probably one of the most ArgspredFriednrloppenwulfengyz
  • really?
  • wow I just found out there's a new album
  • fuckingvisionary
  • she's really cool
  • Mothership gone dark. Where's Chance of Quarantine?
  • Trying to understand 'dream pop' tag...
  • Still can't believe her real name is Ina Cube.
  • lol nicholas cage
  • No one doubted that. "Experimental" is the second name of Laurel Halo.
  • Initially I wasn't feeling Chance of Rain as much as I did Quarantine, but now I love it. It speaks to her genius that she could release a vocal-focused LP and then a club-focused LP (& EP) in 2 consecutive years and have them be at the same level
  • lv her
  • singing next time pls
  • was expecting french dude not tasty chicklet.
  •, I don't really understand the list of styles but I would recommend this to the over 50s. Despite the blurb above, I detect some European influences and a rich legacy going back to Tangerine Dream (even the treated Fender Rhodes gives her music a Canterbury feel).
  • I did a 2-hour artist feature on Laurel Halo for my college radio station recently, check out the playlist here: and the station here: we have a club show on Thursday nights where she gets played frequently
  • That's because most people are thick
  • charts prove that most people turn off the record after the first 1 minute track lmAO
  • because she's not a witch house producer
  • v yeah i was just going to say that. why the fuck....


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